How to tie the hijab - the traditional Muslim headscarf for women

In Arabic the hijab - a veil, barrier curtain.It is this kind of clothes from opaque fabric completely covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet, and retention of Islamic women from seeking men like a stranger.However, in today's world, the hijab is pleasant to consider traditional Islamic headscarf for women.

requirement of religion and fashion accessory

Hijab, originally designed to hide the female beauty today is very popular, even among the representatives of other religions.The modern fashion industry offers a range of textures and colors of the National Islamic headscarves, and a lot of options for tying make women more stylish and elegant compared with the fair half with her head uncovered.How to tie a headscarf, Muslim girls are taught from childhood, since under Sharia law from 7-10 years of age, as soon as the form will be issued to her a young woman, she would be forced to hide behind, showing modesty.

How to tie a scarf properly Islamic

There are many beautiful ways

how to tie a headscarf.First of all, it should be noted that the length and width of the fabric should be at least one and a half meters, or tie it will not turn out beautifully.Extra 20-30 centimeters will provide an opportunity to dream with pleats and drapery.Shawl has to cover the entire head and chest.The ears, neck, and the hair should be hidden.Having collected all the hair must be carefully put a handkerchief on the forehead along the hairline, attach it to the back of his head by the hair, and then a variety of ways under his chin.You will need a pretty pin or brooch.So how to tie a headscarf gracefully from the first time it will be difficult, it is necessary to start with the simplest method: tuck the scarf with one hand by 10 centimeters, then lay the edge around the face and fix in the form of caps behind, while leaving the loose ends of different lengths.The short end of the wrap around the neck, and a long lay on the chest soft folds and secure elegant brooch on the shoulder or at the temple.Very convenient to tie the veil on a special cap that hides the hair from the prying eyes and help if handkerchief shift.

Some requirements to wear

Hijab can become a real decoration and fashion accessory, if harmoniously pick up a few shades different tissues, in common with the main color of the dress.Consider the following ethics and some headscarves: do not wear them with clear fitting clothes.As for colors, there are no strict limits.Even bridal veil does not have to be white, except for inscriptions and various symbols.So how to tie a headscarf is necessary both in winter and in summer, it is desirable to select the fabric according to the season.For summer is well suited silk, satin, chiffon and calico kerchiefs pastel shades, while in the cold season will preferably woolen materials darker.Muslim women wear the hijab to show respect and love for God, but today it has become a fashion accessory handkerchief and took a worthy place in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas who do not profess Islam.