We make trendy outfit

basic wardrobe of the fair sex is constructed, usually on a few key elements in transforming subsequently stylish outfit.

Rules for compiling

Women's magazines, fashion shows of stylists and countless tips can confound even the most sophisticated fashionistas to create his own image.And therefore it should be clear that, as a component of clothing sets for girls and women.

In fact, there are three basic rules of drawing up his wardrobe.

The first thing to note - this is the type of shape.To determine which figure endowed nature of the fair sex, should measure the waist, chest, hips and shoulders.These parameters and differentiate lady silhouette.

«Pear '- for this type of shape characteristic narrow waist, small shoulders and chest and hips stand out.

«Inverted Triangle" - the broad shoulders combined with small breasts, a narrow waist and hips modest.

«Apple» - with standard dimensions of the shoulder, chest and hips clearly stands waistline.

«Rectangle" - the difference between

the parameters of the breast, thighs and waist circumference are insignificant.

«Hourglass» - the size of the breast and thighs are far superior to waist circumference.

But not only determines the type of shape trendy sets of clothes.

The second thing you must note - this tsvetotip.As is well known, it is divided into four types - winter, autumn, summer, spring.And for each of them made up their own colors.

So, for the winter - a cold bright colors of pink, blue and purple, white, brown and black palette.For spring - warm pastel shades of yellow, red, pink, green, beige.For summer - are practically the same as that for winter, but unlike those, are blurred.For fall characterized by bright juicy colors of red, green, brown and orange.

third, the last basic rule - that definition, what style will be subject to a set of clothes.The simplest division based on the principle objectives: business, casual or evening.But it is sufficient only for the first experiments.In the future it may be necessary mix of styles and trends.So, on the opposite side is a classic and casual (casual) with sports.Combined they can be something like this: + vamp classic, classic + romantic, sporty / casual + glamor, sports / casual + romantic.

defined with these three characteristics, you can proceed directly to the formation of the image.

set of clothes: the stages of drawing up

all starts with the selection of the base member.These are can be a skirt, shorts, pants, leggings, dress or jacket.

Then under it should pick up the accompanying items.For example, shorts, depending on the selected style can be equipped with a jacket, blouse and high heels, and a T-shirt and sneakers, ballet flats, loafers.

Tight pants or leggings are perfectly combined with surround-top (jacket with exaggerated shoulders linear, coarse-knitted sweater, sweatshirt).Just need to know that the current version does not suit someone who has the figure of the "triangle".

Note that the outfit does not have a combined more than 4 colors and one print.In addition, the winning will look incredible contrasts, or a combination of related colors.

By following the recommendations presented, very easy to create a beautiful image that distinguishes its possessor from the crowd.