Blouses for girls in school: types and selection rules

Modern Russian schools have introduced a mandatory condition for a visit - the existence of a dress code for students.Most often it is based is a mandatory business style, referred to as school uniforms.Fortunately, the current models will provide some for the imagination of pupils and their parents, can not be said about the models of the Soviet period.For example, modern blouses for the girls to school can be quite diverse.However, you must strictly adhere to the business style, accordingly, it is desirable to give preference to white blouses more classic image.If we talk about the usual subject of women's wardrobe closet, on the basis of which were later made blouses for girls to school, then it is a button-down shirt with a collar and sleeves with ¾.

But do not think that the classics should be as rigorous, as are acceptable supplements in the form of ruffles or ruff and various decorative button cell and applications.That has allowed any reasonable supplement that blouses for girls in the s

chool will be different from the classic white shirts.Furthermore, such a toilet may be provided with small pockets accurate matching or have belt.Pay attention to the fact that the blouse for girls in school should be combined with properly chosen bottom - pants or skirt.There is also the obligatory classics, but at the same time to complete the whole image, you will be able to exclusively using strictly seasoned top.

Please note that there are also elegant blouses for school, which are ideally suited for a variety of special events.Take, for example, 1 September, which made coming just as strict business style.Trim the top at the same time add a bit of elegance and originality.

those who are not accustomed to the monotony, we suggest you look to modern design ideas presented in today's market.Here you will find a variety of original ideas, for example, combinations of colors - white, gray and black, in addition, most of the models are decorated with frills and ruffles interesting that will make the image of the girl really smart.Given the fact that the whole school year or even one of the two models will be small, it is desirable to immediately buy a few options without ignoring also the weather conditions.For example, blouses for girls in school with short sleeves are appropriate warm May day, while the long sleeves should be worn in cold weather.At the same time no one will forbid you to combine a rigorous top with classic jackets or jackets, coats and cloaks.The most important thing here - the child to feel confident in the selected outfit.Please note that the classic blouses for school does not require special care, it will be enough only to withstand washing rule (for example, linen or silk blouse require delicate washing), as well as store their models correctly.