From what to wear jackets women and men?

Many women, and men often wonder about what to wear jackets.Given that the jacket is a men's garment, to answer this question is not so simple.We must really try to look at it is attractive and feminine.Nevertheless, each of modern women, this object is present in the wardrobe.

So, what to wear jackets?Fashion trends are constantly changing, and jackets worn with trousers and skirts, and jeans, and shorts, and so on.When you select this item of clothing (in principle, like any other), it is important to consider some tricks.

Subtleties choice of jacket

Style jacket should be selected taking into account the proportions of your figure.If you are the owner of a thin waist, you'll like elongated jacket.From what to wear it?With short skirts and skirts of medium length.Model-fitting jacket will look great on girls with magnificent breasts.If the breast, on the contrary, small, should choose a jacket free cut, which visually increases the volume.Wearing a model with better fitting trousers.

From what to wear jackets for women?

in female clothes jacket - irreplaceable thing.With it you can create a correct and complete image, respectively mood.And it is not necessarily a business, this piece of clothing can be romantic.Of course, a tall slender girls is much easier to experiment with shaped jacket.But curvy girls should remember that the horizontal stripes, wide lapels and a cell - not the best option for them because all of this will visually increase the figure.

is also worth noting that your jacket should not be too swift shape or hang on you.For everyday wear no need to choose silk or velvet pattern, but rather prefer a more practical material - jersey, wool or tweed.

From what to wear colored jackets?

Besides traditional costume combinations, there are so many options, what to wear jacket men and women.For example, a woman can wear a shorter jacket, stylized male suit, combined with shorts.By this way you can easily add bright accents as shorts make it flirty.Of course, to conduct experiments with the black color is not difficult, it is versatile enough.But what to wear red jackets?In this case, you need to carefully approach the choice of colors - pick up a blouse smoky-pink and bright accessory in tone.It should be noted that the bottom at the same time it is better not to overload, preferring calm colors.

With a white jacket can be combined almost anything without limiting the scope for the imagination.It seems that this color exclusively summer or spring, but still white jacket can be worn in the fall and in combination with a dark dress and elegant ankle boots wedges or heels.

blue jacket looks very advantageous with blue jeans or classic blue.At the same time such a combination, such as jeans and jacket, it is appropriate in any situation - and at a business meeting, and while walking with friends.