BB cream "Meybelin."

In 2012, the Western markets flooded with new creams that can moisturize the skin, used as a tonal framework, and even sunscreen.BB-Cream came to us from Korea, where he enjoyed great success with celebrities.The list of the first European brand created a BB Cream include Maybelline.

So, we shall understand, what is the feature of the BB cream from "Meybelin."The first thing you need to know about him, it's his four shades:

  • "Light" - especially for fair-skinned.This shade is very pale in the series BB-creams.
  • "very bright" - despite the name, this shade darker than the previous one, it is suitable for the skin with a slight tan.
  • "Naturally beige" - suitable for dark skin.
  • "natural glow" - with some dark reddish tinge.Buyers do not advise to stop the choice on this shade, as when applying it gives the skin an unnatural color.

lot of discussions called BB Cream "Meybelin."Reviews of girls and women are different, even for the same item.This is not surprising.After the skin is individual and ea

ch person reacts to the BB cream "Meybelin" differently.Yet there are several points in which women agree among themselves.

Definitely, the cream has many beneficial advantages:

  • No mask effect.The cream is very light and weightless, but it is also a disadvantage: for some it is important to give the cream to conceal blemishes and redness of their skin.BB cream "Meybelin" reviews say hardly keep up with it, even 50%.
  • Easy to apply, exactly lies on skin, creamy mass is rolled.From this point agree almost all women customers of this product.
  • The skin looks natural.
  • skin does not shine.Firstly, not shiny cream only the first 4-6 hours, then the skin look greasy and oily, and secondly, it works only owners of a normal or dry skin.The more your skin is prone to fat content, the less time it will take to ensure that it is beginning to shine.
  • long does the skin.This item is valid only if you do not mind your skin shine after a few hours.
  • Adapts to the color of the face.When properly selected shade BB cream adapts to your complexion, and the differences between the color of the skin of the face and neck invisible, which is not a normal feature of the foundation.
  • can be used instead of moisturizer, and makeup base.This feature cream is probably the main, which attracts BB cream "Meybelin."Reviews advised him to remove the top of the light use tone powder, particularly important for the summer period.
  • not clog pores.With the proper disposal at the end of the day BB cream does not clog pores because of the light base.

BB cream "Meybelin" promises performance of 8 points that can be easily read in its tube.Items that were discussed in this article, in common with them, but some have gone unheeded.For example, "protection from the sun and its rays (spf 30)."Judge for yourself that this item is very difficult to verify.

Try BB cream "Meybelin", reviews of which still promise a positive effect, check all 8 items described on the package, and perhaps he is right for you.