Citronella oil: how to apply

Essential oils are widely used in all areas of our lives.We use them in cosmetics, perfumes, in health and domestic purposes.There are a number of oils that are known and most frequently used.Citronella oil for someone still seem exotic.But it deserves to meet with him and adopt.

Where from citronella oil

unusual for our ears the name is fully consistent with its origin.Citronella grows in tropical areas, particularly in the territory of the mysterious Sri Lanka.This perennial herb up to 1.5 m in height and has a bizarre sight: her thin, long leaves at the top of the stem are collected in bunches.

name "citronella" is phonetically similar to the word "citrus", and it is often misleading ignorant people.In fact, to the orange and lemon citronella oil is not relevant.Except, perhaps, in the notes of smell, vaguely reminiscent of this fruit.

smell and color

essential oil isolated by steam from the stems and leaves of the plant.The output of the production of an oil citronella - viscous liquid of

dark honey color.Color its range of colors reminiscent of citrus oils.

The bouquet is dominated by the smell the smell of young greens with peripheral bitterish notes of lemon peel.Overall impression - a refreshing, invigorating fragrance with wood-oily plume.

oil beauty

His advice for oily skin types.Oil cope with the problems inherent in it: reduces sebum, tightens pores, restores the normal processes of renewal of the epidermis.

After regular use significantly reduced the presence of acne, comedones and pimples.For quick oil is recommended to apply the effect locally: a few drops on the problem area.

Almost all oils have regenerating properties.Citronella oil is indicated for skin with signs of wilting and fatigue.Its properties moisturize, align, refresh, tone and smooth the skin aging.It is recommended to add in creams, lotions, masks or used as a general means.

The rich texture of oil can cause stinging effect when applied directly to the skin.People with a sensitive type is better to refrain from using it.5-7 drops per 15 grams of cosmetic products will be enough.

Another use citronella oil

essential oil can be used as a natural remedy to repel biting pests and insects.Its pungent smell will scare bloodsuckers in the area a few meters.

Aromatic oil used in the home inhalation, while shearing, compression and steam baths.For a positive effect enough 3-4 drops.Inhalation of essential substances can cause sneezing, so it is necessary to add to the inhalation of a neutral base oil.For compresses use a cloth soaked in cold water.

oil can be used internally: adult - 3 times a day 1 drop.Application effect: improves bowel, digestive system, helps cleanse the body, weight management, strengthens the immune system, has a healing and restorative effect after surgeries, injuries, severe infectious diseases.

drink a thick consistency and washed down with tea and water with a sour taste.Oil can not people with any violations in the stomach.

The beneficial properties of the oil can be a long time to enumerate: it affects almost all areas of health.But because the active toning and refreshing action of the oil is forbidden for pregnant women, high blood pressure and excitable people.