Ambulance at home: a cream for burns solar, thermal and other

Man, alas, being vulnerable.Among the possible injuries that here and there lie in wait for us, apart from bruises and cuts, burns occur most frequently.

Classification damage

cause burns can be any of our mistake.Staying a long time in the sun during its strongest solar activity leads to.Careless handling of fire, hot objects, liquids and steam - to thermal.And then there are chemical burns, electric ... Naturally, you need to know in a force majeure situation to provide assistance itself or to those who need it.

Help yourself

pharmaceutical companies, as well as various cosmetic companies produce a whole series of specific therapeutic agents to protect the skin and pain relief for burns.Some of them are aimed at preventing damage to the skin, while others are used as emergency medical care.For example, a cream for burns "Panthenol".It is considered a universal product for all types of injury.Thanks to the large amounts of vitamins B, cream accelerates recovery and cell regeneration, wound

healing, and activate the regeneration of tissues, mitosis collagen building function of the cellular material.In addition, the cream "Panthenol" reduces pain, calms inflammation, is a good antiseptic.Another effective drug in this area can be considered the cream after burns "Lifeguard."The feature of this tool is that it is not just a medical ointment and balm, iemedicinal properties, it was concentrated.Successfully applied in the fight against thermal and solar burns of 1-3 degrees, also promotes rapid healing without residual effects in the form of scars.The number of drug-quality cosmetic products includes the cream of the sun burns, chemicals, etc.- "BioPokrov."Like all the others listed above, it does not cause allergic reactions and has a strong analgesic, soothing, antibacterial and healing effects.It is recommended to use even for young children as well as expectant mothers and nursing.

summer, sea, sun

often suffer unnecessarily from our skin is active and aggressive sun in spring and summer.Therefore, people sensitive to UV light, it is strongly recommended before going out to put on the open areas of the body, whether it's nose, back, arms or legs, the cream of the sun burns.Which - choose to your taste.The main thing you should pay attention - indicators SPF or UVA.They indicate what level of protection - the maximum, average, minimum - is the product.Children and people with very delicate, very light skin cream is recommended to burn the sun with the number "60" setting SPF.This is the maximum.Further, accordingly, the numbers are 55, 40, 30,20 and 15 SPF.The better you perceive ultraviolet light, the less may be an indication of a protective barrier.Even smuglokozhih advisable to use sun cream for burns, especially if you have a long time to be outdoors.Especially in such preparations, in addition to other components, the presence of vitamin B, E, A, C, moisturizing the skin, increase its resistance to harmful radiation, operating a rejuvenating effect.Do not forget that the cream of the sun burns many cosmetic companies contain menthol.It cools the skin and prevents redness, pain relievers.

Home cosmetics

try grandmother "rescuers" burns are grated raw potatoes, sour cream or yogurt, toothpaste.If you're burned, you should hold the affected area immediately under running cold water and then lubricate one of the listed products.It would help if burns a small degree.