Lead powder, the history of its origin and modern analogues

Such cosmetic, as powder (from the English. Powder), respect for each makeup.It gives the face a matte, moreover, masks the small wrinkles and freshens.Its history began in ancient Egypt.Then a light skin tone said to belong to aristocratic family and given many privileges.Therefore, local beauties tried to whiten the face of all possible means.The composition of the powder consisted of components such as rice and wheat flour, yellow and red ocher.Then addicted to the Egyptian people have adopted powdered rich Roman.They use cosmetics with a very dangerous compound.Their lead powder contained toxic and chalk white, which gave it its name.Complexion women were amazingly light, but the consequences of such beauty were irreversible.In addition, the powder that perfectly camouflaged skin defects, its use was the cause of the diseases that lead to death.The only positive thing was that the lead powder was quite expensive, respectively, could not use it all.It was then that was born the phrase "Beauty requir

es sacrifice."

In the modern world of cosmetics manufacturers strive to make the powder not only improves the complexion, but the correction, creating a shimmering effect.It can be as transparent, virtually invisible and dark shades to give a person the effect of sunburn.Matting agent is divided into the following types: crumbly, creamy and compact powder.Its purpose - to create a foundation for makeup.Then you can start applying makeup.Today's compositions funds to provide a make-up skin care and more.Lead dust that made beauties sacrifice their lives in the past.Modern connoisseurs of female beauty is now pay more attention to the natural attractiveness and health of the skin.Therefore, all the more preference is given to cosmetics containing ingredients that are not able to do much harm.It is well known and in great demand Powder L'Oreal, Bourjois, Max Factor.These companies have established themselves as manufacturers of cosmetics to satisfy the needs of consumers.Introduced range allows you to choose the appropriate means by the tone and skin type.Loose powder is more evenly distributed over the surface, but it is impossible to carry in her purse because of possible eruptions.For this purpose, a compact.Creamy texture means more suitable for normal to dry skin, as it contains more components, it is necessary for this type.In contrast, those impacts that result from lead powder, modern production technologies allow the creation of cosmetic products are safe for health.Their use masks skin imperfections, making it perfect and allows beauties look natural.A lover of makeup can only choose the right makeup, and do not forget about regular skin care.