Patchouli - and how it is used?

Aromatherapy people use for many years.Amazing properties of essential oils allows their use for medical purposes, hair care, skin, flavoring food.As an aphrodisiac, many oils are used for their excellent flavor.Patchouli with hints of oriental spices, the smell of earth and smoke actively used in perfumery.

Patchouli - what is it?

This is the kind of tropical shrubs of the genus pogostemon.Grassy shrub leaves an oil which is the name of Pogostemon patchouly.It is home to the Philippine Islands, the production of oil established in Burma and India.The main suppliers - this is China and Sumatra.The shrub reaches a height of one meter.Its leaves - pinnate, with a pleasant strong smell.The stem is a large, hairy.Branched roots.Flowers - in bright purple and mottled in racemes.The plant used to flavor the premises and tissues.Add in a variety of incense, candles and smoking blends.

Patchouli essential oil - what is it?

high content of volatile aromatic substances can be used patchouli plant (Pogo

stemon patchouly) for the production of essential oils.Fresh or slightly slightly dried raw material goes to the steaming, which is then removed from the product, known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, antiviral, stimulating properties.

used oil in oil burner is recommended for nervous disorders.Using the bath with the addition of patchouli helps the body's resistance to viral infections.For the treatment of insect bites, as well as to deter them, applied to the skin essential oil.Patchouli suited to flavor of red wine.A couple of drops of oil mixed with honey and dissolved in the wine.After some excerpts from this drink will taste.

Incense "Patchouli" - what is it?

woody notes of essential oils derived from plants used for the preparation of perfume compositions.Basically, they are added to the men's toilet waters.Increased sexual activity - is another well-known property of patchouli plants.Perfume with its notes will contribute to the development of a more sensual relationship.With the same purpose can be flavored placement of patchouli incense.

Cosmetics with essential oil of patchouli plants - what is it?

If you add the oil in the care of skin and hair, will increase the action of creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.Hair care with gain strength and shine, dandruff disappears.Intensify the regeneration of skin cells, reduce puffiness.The skin becomes firmer, improve its appearance.Patchouli essential oil is used in skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema.It helps in the care of oily and porous skin.There are also positive results of its use in combination therapy for the treatment of cellulite and as an aid in the fight against excess weight.The tool helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, has a lifting effect.However, despite all the positive qualities, it can cause allergic reactions, so be sure before applying to do a test for tolerance.