Acne Facial Treatment and Tips

Acne on the face always appears at the wrong time.As a rule, this disease affects young people, when it begins to change the overall hormonal balance.However, not only can serve as hormones to blame this unpleasant process.

Acne Facial: causes

As mentioned above, acne often appear against a background of "Games of hormones."But not all the stages of the teens appear older.With what it is connected?Again, with the features of the organism.Acne can occur in girls, for example, before menstruation, as it also affects the internal state.For some reason, even acne can appear on the face?Firstly, it is an unhealthy diet.Indicate problems with the stomach cheek if they have acne (acne), then you need to see a specialist.That is why many doctors begin treatment with a comprehensive cleansing of the digestive tract.The cause may be an infection and that is easy to pick up.Greatly affects the skin and the environment: bed linen, air.All this may affect the status of the person.But how to deal with it?

Acne Facial: prevention

to the hated acne does not jump out, you need to care for your skin every day and do it comprehensively.What does the complex?Every morning and evening the skin should be cleaned in three steps: cleansing, toning, nutrition / hydration and, if required, the local application of the drug.Acne on the face can be neutralized, if we observe it in the beginning.This is why such an algorithm should be repeated daily.Do not forget about face masks that are desirable to do at least twice a week.If you plan to travel by train, you need to take your own towel and wash with clean water (mineral).During the day, the skin can be treated medically with antiseptic to remove dust.

acne vulgaris: treatment

Treatment should start with a trip to a specialist.Only after he will tell you that this is the teenage acne, rather than stomach problems or anything else, you can start the treatment.Immediately it should be noted that all the expensive medications are addictive skin.This means that after a certain time the drug wears off, and after using it the skin will return to the original state.Therefore, many dermatologists prefer pharmacy "talker" or folk remedies.

How to remove acne in this way?For example, salicylic alcohol (1% -2%), mixed with calendula, gives an amazing result and washing tar soap will help to enhance the effect.Also cubes of chamomile infusion leads the skin to a normal state, it has already been tested for decades.So it is necessary to trust the simple recipes, time-tested.

Acne on the face - it is always unpleasant.But deal with them can and should be.Above presented simple tips to challenging effect.These homemade tonics saved many teenagers, to help them believe in themselves.That is why traditional medicine often prevails over the official.