Palette "Matrix" - the color of hair for all tastes

Matrix - is a professional paint that does not contain ammonia and sparing effect on the hair.Without affecting the cuticle and scalp without burning, it will give your tresses the color you want, in addition, will care for every hair, nourishing and moisturizing them during contact.Therefore, even after repeated use means your hair will not turn into a lifeless brittle tow.On the contrary, they become live shine, elasticity and strength.Hair look well-groomed and healthy, because the basis of this cream-paint make natural herbal ingredients and nutrients.What color shades Matrix has to offer?


palette color palette "Matrix" amazing variety and can cater to any needs and demands.With regular use of the selected shade of hair dye becomes brighter, more saturated.It is well manifested in your natural color, as well as strands, which previously exposed to other colorants.A great advantage of the drug is that the palette of "Matrix", "blond", no matter what shade you take, do not lighten your ha

ir aggressive chemical components.At the same time unwanted gray hair hidden completely, leaving no hint of its presence.Another definite plus vehicles - it is very easy to enjoy yourself at home.

And now more about which color palette of "Matrix" offers women according to their natural tone and the desired result:

  • lovers dark contrasting colors to draw attention to black, blue-black, black-and-ash.This beautiful, dense, rich colors, effectively emphasizing the image of the vamp, femme, luxurious beauty;
  • palette "Matrix" for shatenok represented by such lines as "dark brown", "natural" and "light brown".In each of the areas has its own tint colors: red, purple, dark natural, brown copper, gold, etc.Rich, rich, juicy, they make hair shining in the sun, emphasize their silky texture, give your appearance a true splendor;
  • suitable paint blondes "Matrix" hair.Palette please both lovers of dark blonde and ashy, light, natural.On a variety of options for this collection, perhaps, surpassed the other product lines.Here and golden tones and shades, "mocha", pearl, wheat, sand, copper, rust-colored, pearl ... This breadth of product range allow to experiment with the selected image, and remaining in a familiar framework, after each painting to make a fresh approach to their image.Moreover, due to such obvious abundance and diversity, you have the opportunity with this paint do highlighting, coloring and other most fashionable stylistic "tricks" hairdressing makeup;
  • interesting and pastel palette.Colors "Matrix" provide an opportunity not only to radically change the color of their hair, but simply to give them the desired shade is soft, intimate mother.To do this, and is intended pastel line.And for those women who have more than 50% gray strands offered a special product - the "extra-cover gray hair."It includes the basic colors in all directions.

How to use the cream?

So, to use paint, you need to determine the color and tone, as well as to purchase the activator Matrix color sync paint bezammiachnoy type and follow the accompanying instructions.