Permanent Mascara

What is it?Of course, every woman knows how debilitating happens everyday makeup, how much precious time it takes, especially in the morning.Particularly troublesome is the procedure for applying mascara.Fortunately, modern women have a secret weapon - a permanent ink.This is a special coating on the eyelashes, which makes them more voluminous, long and expressive.For owners of long cilia fluffy and it can last a lifetime to replace the traditional, all the usual method of applying eye makeup.In addition, permanent ink - it's a great alternative Eyelash - a procedure which is known to have detrimental effect on their own cilia girls.The only condition for the application - it's impossible to paint an ordinary ink.This may adversely affect the health of the eye and generally on the aesthetics of makeup.Significant advantage, which gives you a permanent mascara - it is an opportunity to visit the baths, saunas and swimming pools, without fear of damaging its makeup.It is also very relevant this tool beco

mes, when you go on vacation.There you will surely be like permanent ink.Reviews of girls are very positive, as the sea always want to shine and you just at any time of day the perfect makeup.

rules applying.Of course, every girl at least once painted hair yourself at home.Permanent ink - the same paint, but only for the eyelashes.Of course, in the salon professionals make the procedure safer for your eyes and a lot better.If you do decide to take her home, then you need to follow a few rules.

  1. Directly tool itself - permanent ink.Purchase can be in showrooms or in specialized departments of cosmetics.In any case, consult with a specialist, it is better to use.
  2. Next to consider the time factor: the effect to be better, and the cilia - brighter, permanent ink should be left for at least 15 minutes.If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the staining.However, this should be done until the next day.
  3. To avoid getting mascara on the eyelid and thus cause irritation, as well as to carefully paint over each cilium, use a cotton swab with a pointed tip.
  4. to permanent ink looked more natural, in special cases, you can mix different colors, thus it is necessary to observe the following rules for combining with the color of hair: dark-red hair color = brown ink + red hue, chocolate color = blue + black, light color =dark brown shade of mascara.
  5. Before you apply the paint on eyelashes, it is necessary to prepare the face.Thoroughly wash off makeup, especially mascara to the eyelashes.If you use this tool to remove the oil-based make-up, you need to wipe the eyelids and eyelashes with a special solution of witch hazel.Otherwise paint eyelashes simply does not lie.
  6. To protect the eyelids and the cilia of paint, usually used Vaseline.Before use, however, is to make sure that you do not have him irritation.To do this, apply petroleum jelly to sample a small part of the century.In order to better paint over the cilia, before application of permanent mascara is applied to the developer.