Consumer ratings "Oriflame" - a company that has a lot to be proud

among modern manufacturers of decorative and medical cosmetics is one of the first places in Europe, Ukraine and Russia confidently holds the Swedish company "Oriflame".Obtain a certificate of quality for almost 40 years ago, it provides massive direct sales in almost 60 countries.What is the reason for this immense popularity?Try to understand.

What do we know about

main criteria of quality and relevance of any product is the opinion of those who directly uses it.What are the reviews "Oriflame" has earned?What users see the benefits of its products to the same products of other companies?

Positioning itself as the defenders of the ecology and health of its customers, management and employees of the corporation in the manufacturing processes used in the form of raw materials only natural ingredients.Flowers and plants from which extracts and extracts prepared for creams, lotions, shampoos, scrubs, gels and other products grown in areas with environmentally friendly furnishings.In addition, almo

st any product of hypoallergenic, does not cause painful reactions of the skin, eyes, mucous membrane of the mouth, and so on. D. When using them.Undoubtedly, these quality cosmetics caused the most positive reviews.

Ā«Oriflame" (companies) do have something to satisfy the needs of its customers:

  • processing and manufacture of cosmetic products in the company keep up with the times.The most advanced equipment, laboratories, equipped with everything necessary for clinical research and development of new formulas, improvement and enrichment of existing, running into production lines - all this in the most positive impact on the quality of our favorite cream - moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating, oxygenated;mascara, lipstick and so on. Again, comments: "Oriflame" - a company whose production processes meet the highest world standards and requirements.A harmful effect of the ecosystem is kept to a bare minimum, but even on this manual work."Organic cosmetics should be made environmentally friendly methods" - the motto of the company.Naturally, such efforts can not be overlooked.That is why the reviews "Oriflame" even from the competition gets largely respectful.Many of the same companies it has a lot to learn.
  • In addition, as an ingredient for the manufacture of a wide variety of product lines, developers, beauticians and related professions involve more than 170 kinds of plants and other ingredients that nature provides."Even the chemistry has to be natural," - such policies adhere to the company "Oriflame".

About products

Representative offices have almost the entire territory of the former Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, USA.As for the regions of former Soviet republics, then the number of deliveries of production "Oriflame" Ukraine occupies a leading place.

Swedish cosmetics proved to be very popular, as combines 2 important for any principle of competitive products - the forces of nature and the latest scientific developments in the field of cosmetics and anti-aging medicine.I should add one more plus - quite affordable price.And the picture becomes quite clear.After all, no matter how we want to look good, and ready to pay few.

However, due to increased demand and higher sales ranking the company may carry out a very flexible policy of prices and discounts.Therefore, the direct purchases of the most popular lines of "Oriflame" Russia, according to statistics from time to time, even ahead of other allied states.Cosmetics and perfumes for men and women, hygiene products for children, including for the youngest, bioactive supplements for normalization and toning the entire body - these and other areas of production in the "Oriflame" have long been branded.

Personally I can only add a tip: using the services of more than one year with pleasure and still trust her care of her appearance.