In pursuit of fashion: Nail polish with effect quail egg

Hands, usually - the second, on what pay attention to men studying and appraising looking woman.And if the legs, we can not always be present in an ideal form - can not argue with nature - the arms can still shine.Wonderful helper in such a subtle and delicate matter for us getting a manicure.

«Birds" theme nail art

Nail polish with effect quail eggs - the very novelty that excited the elite, first foreign, and then Russian.Luck, released by "Illamasqua", has become a brand for a very short time and, frankly, quite rightly.Why is that?Because the know-how not only looks original and can be applied in different situations, but also to use it is easy.Nail polish with effect quail egg is put quite simply, as the most common.But unlike traditional Frenchie manicure or monochrome, and the more our pens decorated with original pattern.His company has released a collection of 5 of the most popular color lines with pastel shades.This beige, blue, pink, purple, green.This diversity allows you to choose a m

anicure under any clothing that is undoubtedly convenient and practical.

A is a nail polish with the effect of quail eggs so because, thanks to the dark blotches in the very substance of lacquer nails really remind Krashenki Easter eggs or quail.

«Parent" novelty manufacturer "Illamasqua", landed fashionistas and out.Motley manicure caught on among lovers of extravagant, outrageous nail art, and among the keeper of the good old classical traditions.After all, he looks quite stylish and does not go beyond the usual patterns, delicate and strict at the same time.Another plus - it looks nail polish with the effect of quail eggs are very pretty, very feminine.With this manicure you will not shock the bosses at work trendy currents and at the same time not proslyvёte retrogradkoy from fashion to cool party.In short, it can be considered almost ideal for all occasions.

Modern trends

What other drawings on the nail varnish can offer you in beauty salons?And what you choose?It all depends on your own taste preferences and, of course, mastery of who makes them to you.Or, actually, if you are the author of masterpieces in person.On marigolds short and medium-length looks great French manicure as flesh and color.Very nice floral motifs.Floral elements in the corners or on the part of the nail plate look stylish and elegant.This may be 2-3 petals, bud, twig with a few leaves.Apply a drawing, usually on one finger - the index.The rest are painted monochromatic.On long nails good abstract or geometric patterns.The color palette is taken, depending on your desires.And you just want a stylish manicure - offers Essie, nail polish with shiny highlights.With a very elegant look coated hands with white or tanned skin.

However, in what ever you left off, use the main rule: with or without varnish, but nails must be carefully rasped, well cleaned and polished.Then with any varnish, you can look elegant.