Amber - a priceless substance?

What is amber?Previously, people, finding pieces of amber on the coast, thought it was the dragon saliva or some mythical creatures.In fact, amber - a substance that is formed in the intestines of sperm whale, and is ejected from the body after eating tons of fish and plankton.The more she will stay in the water, the better its flavor.But fresh amber - is already rather pungent smell of fish spoil.

basis perfume industry ?

amber used in perfumery.In appearance it is an irregular shape with a lot of lumps of dark gray color.The composition of amber is 60-85% of the amine (a substance similar in structure to cholesterol).Immediately after collection, it is soaked in alcohol, and after 3-6 years, it becomes a component of the perfume composition have a most unusual flavor.She is also actively used, and is used for culinary purposes (as a spice), health (with her help treat diseases such as asthma, fever, epilepsy).What is the smell of amber?This material initially has the smell of stale fish, and aft

er a few years acquires a resin-tobacco musky scent with a light sea barely perceptible train.In perfume compositions, it is not used as a flavoring and as a key element of attractive and durable - an aphrodisiac.We know from history that the most popular seducers always had a piece of amber, helping them to attract the interest of women and incite passion.A remarkable property of this material is the ability to give any resistance spirits.It is difficult to imagine that one-tenth of a drop of perfume is enough to flavor lasted about a day.This is achieved by the fact that approximately 70% of the amber consists of compounds retaining the flavor of the skin and slows down its disappearance.

second gold

At present, almost all produced amber perfume bought up companies to create perfumes and oils.The uniqueness and value of the aromatic substance is comparable in price to gold, so some manufacturers of perfume ambergris artificially synthesized, but there are companies whose flavors there is a real, genuine amber.Here are some of the spirits, which include this substance: "Opium" by Yves Saint Laurent (1977), "Dune" by Christian Dior (1991), "Givenchy" L'Interditde Givenchy (1957).

Based amber also create oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, soothing and gives sensuality.Oil amber - is both skin care, lifting, correction and positive effect on the body as a whole.In medicine, amber is used for normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, the elimination of seizures, the stable operation of the nervous system, in senile dementia.It is used when creating a homeopathic remedy "Amber 30".However, this is a completely different topic material.One can endlessly enumerate the useful properties of sea stuff, but still amber, mainly finds use in perfumery.The average world annual production of this raw material in the tens of kilograms, and the price of one kilogram of up to 600-800 US dollars.