When summer comes: what means sweat under the arms can be bought in pharmacies?

With the onset of heat and stuffiness we begin to actively sweating, and therefore there is an urgent problem to buy such drugs, which would help to neutralize the unpleasant body odor.The first commandment is, of course, says: cleanliness and hygiene is paramount.So be sure to be taken several times daily shower and armpits need to clean shave.This would greatly facilitate the task.It is no secret that this is not the sweat itself has an unpleasant smell, and its decomposition products on the skin, especially on the hairs.Because not only for aesthetics, but for hygienic reasons armpits should not become overgrown and booths.

hike to the pharmacy

Which means you can buy a sweat under the arms in pharmacies?For example, special deodorants.From the company's "Green Mama" on display common antiperspirants with tea tree oil.They take care of the skin, soothe irritation, refresh, cool, prevent the spread of odors.More good means of sweat under the arms (in pharmacies can buy them too) - zhzhёnye alum.

This powder is very effective, really help in specific situations.It can be used immediately after shaving, when it is absorbed into the skin, no trace remains.Time of action - about one and a half days.If you preyut and unpleasant smell of feet, and sprinkle alum.See how wide spectrum of action of the tool with sweat under the arms?Pharmacies can examine it in detail, asking the annotation to the drug.We can only add that the product is natural, therefore, does not cause allergies.You can advise and paste Teymurova.She is an excellent save when sweating, diaper rash, increased sweating.As with the use of alum, the paste should be applied to only a clean, well-dried skin.The preparation to cope with the role and the antiseptic and deodorant.These are funds with sweat under the arms in pharmacies is recommended to ask not only in the hot summer, but in the offseason.

Grandma methods

In principle, there is no need to rush to the pharmacy as soon as your body perform sweat.You can refer to tested grandmother's recipes.For example, to the infusion of oak bark and lemon.In a glass of boiling water pour a teaspoon of powdered bark, brew under the lid for half an hour, and then to the same pour lemon juice freshly squeezed.Let stand up even 10 minutes, drain and clean the problem areas.Store the tincture in the fridge.Here's how to get rid of sweat under the arms of folk remedies.However, these domestic "rescuers" there are many.Perhaps few people know, but even deodorant is possible to produce themselves.Actually, as the saying goes, handles.What is needed for this?Approximately 60 grams of ordinary baking soda, the same amount of corn starch, drops 10-15 (can be more) of your favorite flavor - pink, lavender, chamomile, and so on.. All the ingredients are well mixed and used as talc.And to the consistency of homemade deodorant he was like a real stick, buy a little bit of coconut oil and 2-3 tablespoons, add to the mixture.After a day or two will mix the solid state, and it can be use as a perfume pencil.An interesting way of how to get rid of sweat under the arms at home, is not it?

course, this arsenal of folk remedies not exhausted.If you look in the old notebooks grandmothers and mothers, it is possible to stumble upon a considerable amount of useful recipes masks, lotions, creams, facials and body treatments.