Cream "Laura": Magic beauty

woman - like a flower, and her skin needs constant care.The skin itself, as we know, all different: some women it is a sensitive and delicate, others - dry, the third - the fat, and therefore the selection of funds for the care should be more thorough and appropriate to a particular type.

In perfume stores can now be found a lot of different tonics, lotions, gels, masks, scrubs and creams well.That's just a cream and is required for daily care, so it is important to pick him up specifically for your skin type.For example, the cream "Laura" - is not just perfumes and special natural rejuvenator for eyes from "Evalar."

The same company "Evalar" produces only medicines to improve livelihoods, conservation and maintenance of health, prolongation of youth and beauty of beautiful women."Evalar" has long been popular, and this brand is in demand not only in the facial rejuvenation, but also easy to solve many other problems.

Company "Evalar" has developed a special line of "Laura": it includes and tablet

s, and various creams.These funds are very well affect the skin, improve its condition and eliminate various kinds of damage.

Anti-aging cream "Laura" contains a lot of complexes, which are well to smooth wrinkles, make the skin more smooth, and all this with the help of more powerful synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Plus here comes another wild yam extract.
Cream is a part of the plant phytoestrogen - dehydro-epiandrosteron still called DHEA, or the fountain of youth.It accelerates the process of renewal of skin cells, increased synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.Hyaluronic acid is one of the basic substances of the dermis, which obespechivat elasticity, moisturizes very well, allows us to give young skin.

Cream "Laura" Eye Contour is designed for women aged 30 to 65 years.Specialists have found that even in this age it is possible to reduce the amount of wrinkles under the eyes.There are creams and men, but in the selection is better to consult with specialists.

Dosing is very easy, you just pre-clean the skin gel, lotion or any other means, and light cotton put the cream in the area around the eyes and neck.Repeat this procedure should be in the morning and evening.

Such means, as a cream, "Laura" can be purchased at the pharmacy or in the same order.Its cost about 230 rubles.

variety of anti-aging creams are now a great many, but popular all the same cream "Laura", reviews of which leaves only good.Regarding these products usually leave such comments, which describe that perfect cream helps rejuvenate the skin, returns bygone beauty, and fade dark circles under the eyes.

And yet natural remedies are now more sought after than cosmetics.Due to its properties it promotes better removal of damage, eliminate pain in the joints, and the skin becomes soft and tender.Taking the decision to use cosmetic products, try "Laura" - cream reviews which speak for themselves.