Sunscreen for the child - a secure reception sunbathing

known that children's skin is defenseless against the summer sun.It can not produce the necessary protection in the amount of melanin, which ensures the prevention of burns and allergic reactions.They may be accompanied by itching and pain as well as peeling of the skin.On the one hand, doctors are not so much worried about the discomfort as a high risk of cancer.Contact burns from the sun with a cancerous disease has long been confirmed.But if you look on the other side, your child just need the sun's rays, which contribute to the production of vitamin D, so important for his body.To protect the baby during sunbathing parents are advised to buy a sunscreen for children.

Preparations to protect children from exposure to the sun, are available different types and consistency, and there are a number of rules for their selection.The main forms are: cream, spray, gel and milky lotion.Sunscreen for the child with dry skin type will be the most suitable means, as it does not only protect it from adverse eff

ects, but also soften and moisturize baby's skin.All other kinds of help you uniformly distribute the agent over the body, as they have a liquid consistency.

Basically, sunscreen child released with the expectation of the age of not less than 3 years.Pharmacists attributed this deficiency to the fact that very young children is contraindicated sun exposure.But if you're going to a spa or just afraid to expose the dangers of burning the baby for a walk, then a sunscreen for a young child still can be found.

You need to know a few things and signs that will help you cope with this simple task.In fact, sunscreen is easy to buy, but to choose what is necessary for you - that is the task.Firstly, always remember: the absence of marks on the packaging of the age limit means that the application is possible for children over 3 years by default.If your child is 5 years old, then you can safely use a common sunscreen, but it should not contain fragrances, especially alcohol, as soon as the child can undergo an allergic reaction.To test the response of the skin on the cream, apply it on hand during the day and watch.If there is no burning and irritation, means you can safely buy.Treat skin should be at least half an hour before going outside, causing a small matter, but even layer.

To determine the effectiveness of the cream, enough to check it out sun protection factor.Packages indicate SPF, and basically the value of the index varies from 2 to 100. Which sunscreen is best and how long a child can safely stay in the sun, can be easily calculated by the formula.SPF is 1 to 5 minutes, then it needs to be multiplied by the SPF 5 minutes.Thus, we have allowed time finding the baby in the sun coated with a skin cream.