When Cinderella going to the ball: the difference between perfume water from the toilet water

Depending on the time of day and year (as well as the particular situation) women enjoy different flavored means: deodorant sticks, perfume, perfumes and toilet waters.Usually her choice leads smell.However, for the proper use of products aromagii need to learn a few rules.

Spot the Difference

Firstly, ladies be sure to know the difference between perfume water from the toilet water.We will understand this subtlety of the points.

  • concentration of aromatic substances: ma villages, resins, extracts from plants, volatile veschestv.Parfyumernaya water is closer to the spirits, asfullness of her more than the toilet.If we talk about the percentage, the perfume they represented up to 13% in toilet water - is closer to 10%.Accordingly, the duration of scents at the perfume longer.Although modern toilet waters from such well-known companies such as Avon, Oriflame, Faberlink and other available very, very persistent.On their clothes smell persists, not hours and days - from 2-3 and longer!On the one ha
    nd, this is a very convenient and economical.On the other - talking about excessive aggressive components from which products are made.
  • second, the difference between perfume water from the toilet water - the degree of disclosure of all the notes of the composition of flavors.In the toilet, the smell of which initially seems easier, and basic, and the accompanying notes are felt in the complex will be expressed.And feel all the nuances of the fragrance of perfume, we can not at once, it leaves a long "aftertaste".Therefore, sprinkling a few drops on the skin, we first vigorously waving his hand, and only then sniff to their feelings.
  • Third, the difference between perfume water from the toilet water, that is to say, the scope primeneniya.Tualetnaya water, with preferably with a light, volatile, unobtrusive scent, good for the first half of the day, especially in the hot spring and the summer.When a person sweats, the admixture of aromatic substances can create an explosive mixture so that instead of blocking and masking body odor achieved the opposite effect.Therefore, it is generally considered good form, going to a crowded place, do not water the spirits themselves, and it is better to use only antiperspirant.But the perfume will be good in the evening, but then with the amount you should not overdo it.The smell will let a barely caught by close contact or mist envelops you the lightest, flёrom, not Sheba nose interlocutor.
  • And finally, fourth, the difference between perfume water from the toilet water - chemical composition.In the latter represented a smaller amount of alcohol than the first, because it evaporates from your skin or clothing bystree.A perfume often is oil-based, and the term "life" it to us for much longer.After all, in fact, perfume water - it's the same perfume, only slightly less intense, concentrated.Price vial, generally more accessible than spirits (with the same perfume composition).For example, the original eau de toilette "Chanel" is many times cheaper than a bottle of perfume, with the volumes they have immeasurably different.

for Thought

And finally we give some more figures.Eau de parfum literally sounds as "water spirits" or "spirits of the water."96% consists of the alcohol, if good quality, and aromatic concentrate it contains 15-25%.The toilet water is 85 percent alcohol, and fragrance - 10-20%.The male is somewhat smaller - from 6 to 12%.