Paraben - what it is and where it is used?

Nowadays few of the girls makes absolutely all your makeup yourself.No, of course, there are umelitsy, but still ... a wide range of cosmetics and hygiene products are all kinds of everything.However, not everyone thinks about what exactly is included in the formula, what the composition of tradable assets and how these ingredients affect the skin and the organism as a whole.

So, the most pernicious of substances in cosmetic products of many companies are parabens, mineral oils, various other refined products.So, let's talk this beast as paraben.What it is?

called parabens highly preservatives that have a powerful antiseptic and antifungal action.And the substance can significantly increase the shelf life of cosmetics.It seems that everything is fine, but over time, scientists have found out that not everything is rosy and harmless.

So, paraben - what is it?It methyl paraben (methylparaben), ethyl paraben (ethylparaben), propyl (propylparaben), butyl paraben (butylparaben), isopropyl, isobutyl

, sodium methylparaben, sodium ethylparaben, sodium propylparaben.

Usually, people ask the question: "Paraben - what's that?", They will know that the chemical in small amounts is a part of creams, shampoos and other means of many companies.At first glance, it seems harmless.However, these small doses gradually accumulate in the body, and then start to influence the endocrine system and the formation of malignant cells.The fact is that parabens composition similar to the female hormone - estrogen.And this substance can cause severe allergies, not only on the skin.As a result of such cosmetics is able to greatly harm.

Scientists exploring paraben, what it is and what impact has, alas, could not affect all without exception cosmetic companies.So the rescue of drowning, as you know - the handiwork of drowning accidents.We must pay close attention to the composition of the label, and not for advertising and beautiful pictures.

However, not all so sad.There are creams and shampoos without parabens, friendly lotions, tonics and the rest of the list of cosmetic products.They have the mark "Without parabens», «ECOCERT» and others.Because brands are readily available in almost every store, it is cosmetics Natura Siberica, Lumene, of the lines at the "Yves Rocher", "Green Mama», «Lush» and the company "The first decision."There is a deodorant without aluminum and parabens - on the basis of alum (though it does not fit all).Well, all natural cosmetics is created based on herbs and harmless ingredients, no adverse health effects and maintains the beauty.

Many people know the answer to the question: "Paraben: what is it?", Are beginning to pay attention to the label and the composition of cosmetic products.And this is absolutely correct.It is only under this condition can not worry about health and buy a good, safe, creams, shampoos, scrubs and so on. D., And so on. N. Otherwise, you can not only make skin problems, but do not save it, for what, and used manyCosmetics - youth.