Cosmetics "deshele."

Hlavin Israeli cosmetics company was founded in 1973 and its products have proven best.However, this does not apply DeSheli - a new brand of the corporation, which appeared in the Russian market in 2010.And it's not in the cosmetics, which, like any other, one person can go perfectly, and another cause allergies.It's all in the way its sale.Cosmetics "deshele" customer reviews about which will be discussed later, has been specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of its further sale not in stores, and the method of direct marketing.Currently, these products are actively distributed in six countries, including Russia, but in terms of products includes the conquest of the world.Perhaps this is a good idea, because the company "deshele" opinions about which is very ambiguous positions its makeup as natural, made of innovative technology and containing a certain "smart chip" that rejuvenate the skin very effectively.In addition, the company assures that does not test its products on animals and d

oes not use in its production of components of animal origin.

So why is believed that cosmetics "deshele" - divorce?Most likely, this belief is associated with unrealistically high price on this wonderful bag, as well as too aggressive marketing.Perhaps the manufacturer and provided a special approach to potential customers, allowing all who wish to visit prior to purchase free spa treatment and experience the effects of cosmetics on themselves.But not the fact that the Russian company representatives did not make its know-how in the way of selling.Nor the fact that cosmetics' deshele "(customer reviews about it there are both positive and negative) is really worth as much as for its attempt, in the truest sense of the word," Provisional Government ".

How did it all happen?Once you get a phone call and offer to visit the free spa treatment, helps rejuvenate.In this companion somewhere knows your last name, first name, and make sure that the phone number inside the left one of your acquaintances.The following is a detailed description of all the charms of the proposed procedure, and if you agree, you give voice to address the salon and ask to bring your passport.Explain the need for what they supposedly are recorded visitors passport and they can ensure that you - it's really you.As soon as you arrive, you are greeted warmly, escorted to a separate room and consigns allegedly experienced beautician who starts telling you with horror, what you have bad skin and how you need it cosmetics "deshele."Customer reviews about this company vehicles are very diverse.Someone claims that products are beautiful and well worth her money.Someone complains that after using these miraculous "smart" skin creams deteriorated.And some do not even dare to print the acquired suitcase because suddenly realized that it is not necessary cosmetics, which is almost 50 thousand rubles.They had one wish - to return the purchase and take their money.

So what happens after the free spa treatments, during which the company's products is processed only one half of the face (to visually compare with the other half untreated)?And what happens is that you immediately offer to buy these funds.Time for reflection is not allowed.If you can not buy right now, you can receive a loan (this is for this and need your passport was in fact).The contract is concluded directly into the cabin, but with what the bank - not known.And people in the euphoria of the great service (and, in fact, the blurring of the brain), sometimes do not realize that they had just climbed into debt.Understand this, but when they come home, but, unfortunately, the case has already been done, and to return the money is not always possible.There is even a theory that cosmetics "deshele" customer reviews about which is very controversial and often negative, contains some component that causes mild euphoria, and managers and Estheticians, talking about products and imperfections of your skin, use hypnosis.All this is done in order to sell your makeup, which is likely, in fact, is much cheaper and has exactly the same properties as any other products which are sold in retail stores.So beware!