Trendy Body art: Tattoo scorpion

Tattoo - one of the most common forms of body decoration.If ever there were tattoos mandatory identification mark thieves and other salable in places not so remote, military, now it is a popular product of the youth subculture, the distinguishing sign of caste fighters martial arts, magicians, etc.

implication symbol

Scorpio - one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth.Its venom is endowed with such lethal force to be reckoned with.At the same time in the religions of many peoples of this insect it was idolized and symbolized wisdom, power and immortality.Therefore, a scorpion tattoo can afford to do only person bright, creative, has large reserves of will and energy.According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, the image of the spider could protect a person from a real scorpion, defusing his poison.It also protects from evil demons, evil people and anything else that harms people worship their deity.On the other hand, a tattoo of a scorpion on the body hinted around that his c

arrier is able to stand up for themselves, and therefore it is better not to touch.Sometimes, however, everything is much easier.The man born under this sign of the zodiac, what wants to tell the world, make the tattoo.No more.And there is no hidden meaning in vivid, frightening figure, he does not invest.However, the essence of the pattern does not change.Scorpion tattoo dedicated to all the same is the dialectic of life and death, and all-destroying forever is building began.Because this is particularly common pattern among immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia.In the mythology of Tibet, Ancient Greece scorpions play a crucial role and are also the subject of a special cult and worship.Various echoes of the cultural traditions of different nations on this subject are reflected even in the Bible.Here are a wide cultural and historical aspect holds a tattoo of a scorpion!

color scheme and format of tattoos

color scorpions in nature is expressed in three basic colors: black, brown, golden.And tattoos also makes them usually monochromatic - gray or black.Thus the master at the visual level, transfers latent and obvious threat from arachnid.The value of a scorpion tattoo is easy to understand from the person whose body it is decorated, you can not hide anywhere.There is a growing threat to red colors, which like to conclude its work wizard tattoo.If we talk about styles of figures, the two of them: the naturalistic and fantastic.The naturalistic details are reproduced natural appearance of the creature with special attention to the tail and claws.The fantastic creatures depicted in the form of a claw, flower, stone.And yet Scorpion (tattoo) is important: a man applied it as a memory of the hot spots, where they had to fight.If the sting is lifted up, it means the soldiers saw the enemy in the face, he had to shoot at live targets.The identity is the meaning of the tattoo, which impaled his fist instead of a sting or a bomb.

female sex does not mean weak!

last 15 years of tattoo began to decorate not only manly torsos strong half of humanity, but also pampered girl's body.And women's fashion for scorpions, no less!The reason is simple: in addition to stylish, exotic pattern, inevitably attracts the male gaze, Lady makes it clear to everyone: it's small, but not defenseless and can stand up for himself!This is a hidden information about people knowledgeable person give them the tattoo!