A few tips on how to put the bangs grow

Whatever we like bangs, but sometimes there is a desire to get rid of it, or rather to grow it.Make it easy, especially if you are determined.But the question is "how to put the bangs to grow."This is what we will cover in this article.

How to put the bangs grow?Option 1

stabbed bangs.This option is very simple and very versatile.Stabbed a bang in several ways.Let us examine them in detail.

  1. Collect bang, wind it back and stab invisible or decorated with a hairpin.
  2. Make bouffant and slay.To do this, take the bangs, holding it vertically on the inside do little bouffant comb with frequent teeth, sprinkled it with hair spray, wait until it dries.Further, similarly, paragraph 1, to force it back and stabs.
  3. We get bang right or left and slaughtered.
  4. Take a bang, and takes her to his ear and stabbed.It turns romantic image.
  5. Make spike.To do this, we are of the point where the edge of the fringe, take two strands entering into it and toss one over another.Then take the adjacent strand and then thro
    wn through the strand you just threw.These manipulations produce as long as all the bangs will not be used.Then you can make your hair a little back or sideways, and slaughter.

How to put the bangs grow?Option 2

Insert it into the hair.This option is ideal for the long bangs, which can easily weave or braid in or connected to the rest of the hair.So let's take a closer look how beautifully laid long bangs?

  1. is included in pigtails.To do this, we begin to weave with the bangs, slowly capturing the remaining hair.Braid can be both classic flat and oblique.
  2. frizz hair.This option is perfect girls whose hair "ladder" or "Cascade", that is, the front strands shorter than the rear.Frizz hair out from the fringe.In this embodiment, it serves as yet another cascade of hair.
  3. Make hair "tall tail fleece."It is performed as follows: first attach bang volume from the inside using a comb with frequent teeth, then fix it invisible, and the rest of the hair to be previously well comb, collect in high "tail".Incidentally, this hairstyle has several variations: for example, the "tail" can be low or medium, direct or side.

How to put the bangs grow?In fact, everything is very simple and easy.The main thing - is to show imagination and patience, as hair can not always obey, and plans can not get away from the first.Use special tools when installing: mousses and gels.They help to give the desired shape and bang her a little "discipline", making it more docile and compliant.

In this article, we talked about how to put a bang when to grow it.We hope that the information will be useful to you and be sure to come in handy in practice!