Beautiful long hair Spit on: options for plaiting

how to weave braids a lot, but at least there are options for placing them on the head.Of course, the easiest and most popular form - regular braid, but other no less worthy of attention.But first things first.

shape of the face and spit

known that hair is often selected depending on the shape of the face, on this parameter when you select a start and weaving.

Owners oval face suit any beautiful braid long hair.Chubby ladies should be advised to pay attention to the spit, which are placed high on the head, fit in this case and vertical weave, which will rise from the neck up.At the end, you can leave the site or curls.

Weave "dragon" correct the shape of a square face, as it raises the hair on the front.Wide cheekbones and narrow chin, you can visually correct "spikelet" supplemented issued curls, which will close the neck and ears.Hairstyle called "fish tail" is ideal for a rectangular face.It must also be completed locks, they must dissolve in the neck.

with the method of visual correct

ion looks all clear now turn to the study of a variety of weaving.

French braid

French braid beautiful long hair and suitable for a holiday, and to create a way of everyday business women.Looking at such a weave, you'd think to do it yourself is very difficult, in fact it is not.

to start a piece of hair stands out and is divided into three strands.Thrown right through the middle, and then just thrown left.Next weaving continues in the same way, but each of the main strands of hair are added, taken from the left of the hair.They need to be identical in size, while if you add a little hair, tight Spit happens if large strands - the weak.As you weave all the hair should not be taken away in a braid.To fix, you can use the gum, leaving the tip, and can be folded beam and fix it by pins and / or hairpin.

inverted French braid

This beautiful long hair braid to set up similar to the embodiment described above, but podpletayutsya strands in this case from the bottom.Hair at the cross, laid under the bulk.Every once in a braid woven into the new strand, thereby increasing the volume of hair styles.

widely popular hairstyle such as disheveled French braid.To achieve this effect, the netting must make attenuated, wherein the strands are pulled upward, released with only the edge portions of the hair.Thus, the volume of purchased and.

Openwork sided braids

to braid braids beautiful long hair, you can use the technique of openwork plaiting unilateral.Make it very simple, you first need a little bit of styling hair moisturize or use mousse.Curls in this case are more even and longer-lasting hairstyle.

Weaving starts from the left side.The simple braid strands are added to the right side, then mirrored braided hair on the right.Ready spit fixed rubber and fit a variety of ways.

Wedding hairstyle with braids

beautiful braid long hair may be a wedding hairstyle.By creating multiple tangles in different directions and put them, you can create a unique image.The special effect gives easy negligence.

options for creating wedding hairstyles with braids huge amount.Most importantly their dignity is not only a beautiful appearance, but also in the fact that there is no need to constantly correct the hair.

Instead of conclusion

options for creating braided hair a lot, especially if the strands are long enough.Choose a hairstyle can be for any occasion.For example, to create a lightweight braid long hair that did not take long, you can go to work, to create a complex weaving of color can become queen at the ceremony.Even spit on the face of it seems difficult to implement, do not be afraid to try to braid it.As a rule, the most original weave are very simple, the main thing - to learn the techniques.