Curling-ribbed or curling basal volume

Every woman wants to have a thick and voluminous hair.However, not all of the fair sex nature of awards such magnificence.

solution for thin and thinning hair can curling basal volume or, as they are called, curling, corrugation.No styling products thus do not need to be used, except that the thermal protector spray to protect the hair.

corrugated strands particularly popular in the '90s.At this time on the streets you could see women were curled tresses is technology ripple.Make a packing today, it is not difficult.However, it we are talking about the amount of hair at the roots.How can I achieve this effect without resorting to curl?Very simple.For this purpose the forceps-ribbed for basal volume.

In order to understand how they are used, look at the entire process of installation, that is, including a perm.Hair must be clean and dry.Before curling them should be well comb.On his head is the usual parting.Near it is separated and processed by a lock of thermal protector spray.Tongs for basal v

olume capture curl at the head, after 15 seconds curling moves closer to the ends of the hair, again maintained the same time.Thus it happens curling each strand.

In order to make only the root volume, forceps are used only at the base of the hair.Next wave is performed.Note that if you plan to use a curling iron only for these purposes, it is necessary to consider when buying that the corrugated plates must be rather narrow, then wave the hair will not be visible.

After laying (after giving hair volume) needed a little beat them and sprinkle with nail fixation.Note that if you plan to use pliers for basal volume is constant, it is necessary to ensure the proper care of hair.Otherwise, after a couple of months they will become lifeless and dry.To restore the shag is recommended to use conditioners and hydrating mask.Another important point - the recommended temperature for different heating curling hair.For rigid and curly ringlets curling basal volume to be heated to about 210 degrees, for weakened - a maximum of 180 degrees.Medium stringency normal hair can be subjected to a temperature mean value between the two parameters, that is 190-200 degrees.

On the condition of hair after using curling ripple-effect and what plates are installed on it.The best option - ceramic function of ionization.Temperature effect on the hair in this case, more gentle.

So, to give hair volume at the roots using the forceps-ribbed, you must have a curling iron with ceramic plates narrow, thermal protection spray, hair spray and a little time.The process of creating installation is easy enough, and the power of everyone.