Rules of conduct on the bus.

Almost all people daily use public transport, but only a few know the conventional etiquette.Therefore a trip is not always leave a good impression.To avoid becoming the culprit argument, one must know the rules of behavior on the bus.

How to behave at the entrance?

According to etiquette, first in vehicles should go:

- people with disabilities;

- children;

- people of retirement age;

- women.

If a man wants to help with the planting of these categories of citizens, such as luggage or bring heavy bags, it must ask permission.In that case, when people come into the bus with backpacks on their backs, they must be removed, so as not to disturb other passengers.

If a man enters the trucks with his companion, but they were far apart, do not try to go to her, disturbing other passengers.This rule applies to all those who have been separated on the bus.

Do I have to give way?

Rules bus stipulate that the seats are designed for people with disabilities, children and pensioners.If there are empty s

eats, they can take the woman.Men are entitled to sit only when passengers do not mind standing.You can gently ask permission or express the issue gesture.He wondered aloud is considered bad manners.

woman must give way to a man, if he feels bad.Invite him to sit down politely need not to offend or embarrass.Those who have the courtesy to thank for the service.

If a woman is with a man in a truck, and it give way, thanks for the service it is not required.It has to do her companion.

If transport are elderly or pregnant women, young boys and girls do not have to sit down.Man must show respect for his companion and offered her a seat.

Behavior transport

There are certain rules of conduct on the bus, which are considered generally accepted, so they must comply with each passenger.

  • indecent to openly consider the other passengers and look at their books or phones.
  • When you enter do not need to greet the driver or passengers.Quietly greeting is allowed only when the bus people are familiar.Ugly violently express their joy and shout across the bus.Suffice it to say hello nod and smile friend.If possible, you can go closer to the person and talk softly.
  • If payment for travel by means of a travel document, it needs to keep alert so as not to detain the driver and other people.Each passenger pays for travel independently.
  • baggage, it can be placed on the seating chairs, bags and suitcases when clean.But in this case you will have to pay each place.
  • considered bad manners to conduct a conversation in transport on personal matters or to discuss political issues.
  • etiquette rules stipulate that public transport can not comb his hair, use a nail file or other sharp objects.Any action that may interfere with or harm the people around them, be regarded as taboo.

rules for children and parents

There are rules of children's behavior on the bus.Parents should see to it that they were quiet and not disturb other passengers.You can not make a noise, pushing, laugh loudly or play a musical toy.

Each passenger must ensure, to not push other people not to step on their feet and do not lean on them.

Etiquette output

The first bus should leave a man or one who is under age.Released obliged to assist other passengers if there is a need: to make the bag, shake hands pensioner, a child or a woman.

Rules of Conduct of passengers in bus allow subordinates to assist the manager or colleague, if it is higher in rank.But you can make an exception in the case where the boss - a woman.

indecent to leave the public transport at the last moment.In order not to disturb others, you need to prepare in advance: to go to the door, miss people who do not go out and pick up your luggage, if any.It is not necessary to push the passengers who are standing near the door.They need to politely ask if they do not go, and invite them to switch places.

How to behave in school transport?

many cases where students carries a special bus.Therefore, there are certain rules of student conduct on the bus.

  • Planting should take place only in the presence of a companion, who is appointed by the director of the school.
  • enter and exit the bus only after the vehicle is completely stopped and the door opened.You can not go in places that are not stopping.
  • Rules of conduct on the school bus suggest that first of all carried out embarkation and disembarkation of the younger guys.
  • If the bus is equipped with a special shelf for luggage, students should be able to lay down their backpacks and bags.Sitting down, you must wear seatbelts.If they are faulty, you should report it to the maintainer.
  • Rules bus suggest that the driver can not be distracted by loud conversations and other sounds.It is impossible to walk through the cabin, litter, use profanity.
  • Do not attempt to open the windows and put out foreign objects.
  • Students should take care of the property, and the bus does not carry with flammable and explosive substances.