Monthly children.

What could be more beautiful than a newborn baby?When the newly formed happy mom is holding his crumbs enjoying these wonderful moments, she had no idea of ​​the difficulties it will encounter.

Let us examine the most popular problems that can face a young mother and her month-old baby.

colic and flatulence

most probably popular and exciting challenge moms are a pain in the tummy.Almost all children have their periods.You should not worry much about it.The problems will disappear in the moment will improve digestion and proper intestinal microflora formed.But do not all ride.There are several ways on how to help your child in this case.

Since monthly children fed exclusively breast milk or formula milk, it is necessary to approach the issue of feeding a newborn.If you fight for breastfeeding, it is an advantage.Through mother's milk the small intestine quickly filled with useful bacteria and digestion to normal.Try to eliminate from your diet blowing Products: cabbage, beans, bread and soft dr


If you feed the baby with a mixture, you need to correctly pick it up.Consult with the district pediatrician on this issue.

temperature at the monthly children

Unfortunately, no child has not grown up without the disease.Viruses are subject to all the kids.Some carry only the first cold to two years, while others may become ill in the first month.

It is said that the temperature of newborn children may be somewhat increased to six months.This is considered normal, with the proviso that all test results are good and there is no other manifestations of colds.The body temperature of the child in this case may rise to 37.5 degrees, especially in the evening hours.

If the increase is much higher and lasts for several days, it is possible that your monthly child is sick.Never self-medicate.Kid still so small and can not tell you what was wrong with him.Therefore, no inspection pediatrician going.Strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor and spend the necessary procedures.

good helper in the formation of immunity is the mother's milk.If you feed an infant-feeding, you can avoid many diseases, thanks to strong immunity kid.

Constipation or diarrhea

monthly Quite a few children have problems with bowel movement.In some there is diarrhea, others, by contrast, suffers constipation.What young mom in this case?

newborn baby normally empties his bowels at each feeding.This is not an excuse, and diarrhea consult your doctor.If the baby chair has a very liquid consistency, unusual color or mucus, then an urgent need to show the child to a specialist.About

constipation it could be that if the baby does not empty his bowels more than two days.Then you need to help the baby.There are several options to get the kid to go to the toilet.You can do an enema, use the vapor tube, or use the drug, which will appoint a pediatrician.

daily routine month-old baby

Most newborn babies in the first month of their lives sleeping.They wake up only when they want to fill their tummies delicious mother's milk.On average, in the sleep state month old children reside approximately twenty hours a day.

from five to ten times they wake up for feeding.Previously, pediatricians advise young mums to feed the baby every three hours.Now the approach to this issue has changed a bit.Welcomed feeding on demand.It is very convenient for both mother and child.However, it should be remembered that the interval between meals should not be less than two hours, otherwise it will be a big burden on the stomach and small baby starts to feel heaviness and pain in the abdomen.

change diapers or diaper as they need to fill in (pollution).In this matter, there are no specific standards or a timetable.

Bathing baby should be done in the same time, preferably at bedtime.With this mode the baby from the first days will start to get used to the schedule.

Laying month old baby usually goes away easily.Most kids fall asleep while feeding, after which the mother shifts them in a warm cozy bed.

Conclusion When you first became parents, ask for help in taking care of a baby experienced grandmothers or mothers.When emerging issues do not be afraid to ask for advice from the pediatrician.

Love your crumbs and create the most comfortable conditions for it.