Engagement - He finally made an offer!

Is finally came the moment that the girls are waiting for almost all his life?The young man made a proposal - is not a reason for joy, all the more that the engagement can be fully considered almost as important and solemn occasion, as well as future wedding.


No one can imagine how happy she could be in the day when he hears of a loved one marriage proposal.Her extraordinary sense of overflowing happiness, such a huge thing about him want to scream out loud.In front of so many things - pre-wedding chores, preparing invitations, the choice of wedding dress.But most importantly - the whole life ahead, piercingly bright, unique and entertaining, family life hand in hand with the handsome prince, which everybody expects from childhood.Engagement makes newfound bride so beautiful, a woman has never been.That range of feelings, which it covers, can not be described in words - they only need to feel sensations, pass through my heart and completely dissolved therein.

festive day engagement

should be noted that in modern life in the engagement is not necessary from a legal point of view and for the marriage, it is not important.On the other hand, from this day young people and begin to call the bride and groom, so not in vain this holiday earlier times was especially highlighted and celebrated a little less flamboyantly than the wedding itself.On the day of the engagement taken to the groom he repeated the offer made by the bride to her parents and asked them to hand future wife.Thereafter, the official part of the event, in which the bride and groom accept congratulations from relatives and the bride gets incredibly important thing, a symbol of her new status and a source of pride - a wedding ring.

This day should be memorable

course, weddings can overshadow the modest ceremony engagement, particularly in terms of emotions and experiences, splendor and excitement, happiness and extraordinary pride.But the betrothal should not be forgotten, because it is the first joint celebration for the two young men, not yet of the same family, but not strangers to each other.

girl would be incredibly happy if her lover does not follow the beaten sweat classical proposals and come up with something original, unusual and exciting.You do not have to buy a super expensive ring or create an exotic atmosphere - the perfect solution would be a marriage proposal in verse or a ring hidden in a small amusing toy, and you can even favorite treat future bride.

official engagement and betrothal can be a great occasion to introduce between themselves parents of a young couple, if before that they were not familiar with.Real family celebration - what you need to celebrate the happiest (before the wedding, of course) of the day in the life of a girl.After all, happiness and joy always want to share, so that there is: you want to know about it the whole world!And who will be better able to support and share the unrestrained, overflowing joy and spills of the bride, if not the closest to her people.

After meeting with the parents and the official engagement at all times of the world belongs only to lovers.This day, they can spend as they see fit - walking through the streets, shouting loudly about their love, or to share the joy with friends.Brides and grooms can go crazy and create a variety of recklessness, because this time - engagement - belongs only to them, young and full of life, love, standing on the threshold of a new, full of hopes and dreams and happy life together.