Make an unforgettable honeymoon

plan to hold wedding receptions, do not forget that the bride and groom, as the protagonists of this celebration, have the right to your own holiday, which is called the honeymoon.And if before the thirty days associated with the necessity of the couple during the month of drink specially brewed low-alcohol beverage called mead, in today's world, this period is associated with the highest expression of love and affection of the pair.

American as European traditions, perfectly stuck and in our country, is that immediately after the wedding the young family should be alone.The most convenient way to fulfill this condition, going on a honeymoon.

Today, most travel companies and operators offer a wide range of wedding tours designed to suit every pocket.

deciding to spend their honeymoon in any journey, the pair should come to a consensus about what kind of recreation to choose and how to make the first days and weeks of life together thanks to remember the bright, perhaps even extraordinary experie


So, even 20-30 years ago, many couples after the wedding ceremony gladly went into the mountains.And if earlier similar campaigns were limited to the territory of a great country called the Soviet Union, but now you can go to any point in Europe and even the world.Thus, if one of the spouses is not a fan of outdoor activities, ie skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow-capped peaks rise to difficult to reach the peaks, you can relax in the mountains, and more civilized.

For example, many tour operators offer to spend their honeymoon in the Swiss Alps.Here you can not only enjoy the fresh mountain air and enjoy the almost untouched nature, and guided tours in many European cities - benefit all countries are quite small, and by issuing a Schengen visa, you can along the way to visit more than one city with medieval and modern attractions.

more traditional version of the honeymoon take a trip to the sea.With this, you can either select the option as a budget and go to the resort on the Black Sea, and to consider more exotic options, for example, warm sea and gentle snow-white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, bright and light-hearted fun of Thailand, incendiary parties heldClubbing in Ibiza.

spend your honeymoon can be in the most romantic place in the world - Paris.In addition to the world famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Marais, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre, you can dip into childhood.It's enough to visit the French Disneyland, relax in which like not only to children.Interested in the history of alcoholic drinks?France, being the home to many of them, offers to visit vineyards, wine cellars and get familiar with the technology of intoxicating beverages.

Some countries offer newlyweds to re already costumed wedding ceremony.So, going to the Czech Republic, many take off one of the medieval castles and re-painted.The same procedure is also available on the beaches of the Maldives.Here you will be happy to dress up in traditional costumes and local raspishut under the warm rays of the setting sun.

Honeymoon which sent many of our newlyweds, is more modest.Thus, the very popular wedding tours to Turkey and Egypt.Here you will find gorgeous wedding hotels, holidays in which you feel the royal couple.

honeymoon options are many, but by choosing a tour, it is important to take into account the preferences of both spouses.