Competition for the wedding: Let guests do not miss!

Now that the celebration of the reunification of the newlyweds began to be perceived by people as something essential, often honeymooners vital question arises: How and where to hold the wedding? Unfortunately, in recent years, few spouses reflects an interesting and original place to hold such an important event.In most cases, all the guests gather at someone's home or at the cottage or remove the room for banquets.

That is why, on the original competitions and gifts for the wedding, and speech does not go.To create a cheerful mood of the guests the couple hired an experienced toastmaster, which hosts competitions for the wedding, which do not vary in his repertoire for the past 10-15 years.Of course, we can not say with certainty that such competitions wedding absolutely nobody wants.On the contrary, the good old jokes are the public on "hurray".But the young couple during the wedding celebration you want to see something very unusual and memorable for the whole future life together.If you want to

find a unique and really interesting contests for the wedding, then you should finish reading the article until the end.

Currently, various sites on the Internet you can find a huge amount of various information on the most romantic and original way of tenders at the wedding, but many of these competitive performances are not really tested in practice.Below are 3 the most interesting, in my opinion competition that its weapons can safely take even the most experienced toastmaster.

"How I met my wife"

All competitions at a wedding in style are divided into two types - contests for the guests and contests for honeymooners.This competition is very interesting for the newlyweds at the wedding festivities.It allows you to have fun during the entire wedding party.Specially designated toastmaster at the party asks one of the guests to give him his favorite watch, which he will need to demonstrate how our bridegroom lived in the period before he met his bride.Then toastmaster starts to lay all the data it clocks in a row on the floor, and at this time the groom is blindfolded.Then he offered to come to watch, and, stepping over them, try not to come.Before the start of the trial, when the eyes of our bridegroom has not yet tied, the clock must be removed.

Once the clock has been laid, the guests begin to suggest the groom together where to walk and what to do, and may even yell at him and laugh at the sight of his awkward movements.Sometimes it would seem that he is about to step on one of the clocks, while the bridegroom is constantly squirm with laughter and move quite embarrassing, causing a storm of laughter.Tamada, who was elected at the wedding, while should always say that, well, that's just so before the wedding, the groom walked before he met his wife, and finally saw the light.This competition is usually accompanied by laughter and a storm of applause.

"superfluous people we do not need"

Contests for a wedding on the principle of change often, and very reminiscent of a well-known children's game type "Excess dropped."In order to conduct this competition must be the entire list of guests to choose 5 - 6 people.Then, the table will be put wine glasses, and with each round of the contest for one glass will become less.All glasses or glasses filled with any alcoholic drink, which is in celebration of the wedding.Toastmasters gives people at the table command, and participants will begin to walk around it.

After leading rhythmic music stops, each participant must grab any of the glasses and drink it immediately.The man who was left without glasses must leave the game.Then, one glass is removed, and a wedding competition continues again.In the end, around the table are just two members and one glass.The winner is the participant who snatch the first to the last glass and will be able to drink it.As the game goes without a snack, and the participants are constantly drinking a glass in each round, pass this test can not everyone.And running around the table in the final round may be smaller than usual to remind a person walking in a circle.