Wedding scenario: Let Triumph will be unforgettable!

How many times have you imagined in the youthful dreams of their own wedding.And, certainly, he painted at the end of the notebook "sketches" the most beautiful wedding dress.But these children's dreams are over.And so suddenly the moment when we must seriously think about how to organize a wedding, so it was the most memorable, and most importantly, better than friends.

First, I want to say that the wedding should bring joy and fun in the first place the bride and groom.This is your holiday, and you're the main characters in it.And if you'll be fine, and then guests will be satisfied.From this, choose the wedding scenario according to your interests and desires.

Today, the Internet is replete with suggestions just like a wedding, where to buy a dress, how to choose a wedding photographer, etc.It's surely help you in organizing the wedding celebration.But do not forget that all these services cost money.And to tell the truth, they can not always organize everything the way you would like.

Is there an easier way - to come up with a scenario of the wedding and make it a reality (of course without the involvement of favorite friends, who are always ready to help!).

Wedding scenario.

To begin, open the internet and look for sites to develop various options for weddings.There you'll find a lot of interesting, unusual wedding scenarios, for example, "a wedding in the style of country music", "1001 Nights", "Sicilian Mafia" or "wedding in the spirit of the Middle Ages."I will not list all the options, especially since this is not possible.But if you're revising a million proposed scenarios did not find among them a suitable, then create your own original wedding scenario.

Think it's so wonderful to come up with their own romantic story or fairy tale, or perhaps a comedy ... It all depends on you!Release your imagination and let it show all that capable.

script wedding should be based on your feelings.First, determine what will be the wedding style: classic, romantic, extreme, comedy, funny, pathetic, glamorous or touchingly sincere.

Then, proceeding from this, we can build further scenario of the wedding.It has long been fading wedding, to which all conceivable relatives of Samara, grandmother and all sorts of strange people you do not know even then the photos.Now the couple prefer to invite to the wedding only close friends, it's much more fun and peace.If you belong to the latter, that fact can play in your favor.Ask friends to embrace the cause of the upcoming event and picked up the clothes in the style of the wedding.This can be done with the help of stylized invitations, which will be told how to dress and what you need to carry.

Also, you can ask them to give you flowers only certain species.For example, only roses and tulips only, but if you have a certain color ... and imagine how it will look enchanting room, laden with bunches of roses!

If the wedding stylized certain era or culture, this style should be traced in everything: the bride and groom dresses, wedding accessories, decoration of the hall or playground, decoration of cars and etc.

If you, for example, decided to organize a "Hawaiian Wedding", the venue should be an open area on the beach, dress the bride and groom should be light and as open as possible, and let friends will wear brightly colored costumes.Everyone invited, with the appearance on his neck hung a necklace of flowers and glasses are coconuts.And, of course, all the participants of the celebration strolling barefoot.I think in this case, everyone will have fun.

This is only one of many ideas that formed in my mind personally.I am sure that you have more of them, because you have the essentials - love each other.