How to Make Original bride price?

groom at all times was not easy: not only did the proposal, presented to the ring, dared to go to the registrar to apply together with the beloved, because now the bride did not give!All are well acquainted with this phenomenon, which is called the "bride price".But for grooms it is always a difficult test, before they terribly worried and experience.About


Bride price - a beautiful old tradition whose purpose was not only to have fun and entertain the neighbors.This action carries a deeper meaning for the newlyweds.Few people today think about how this tradition came from and why it is needed.Bride price is intended to bring home to the groom how happy he gets it gets it for a reason, but through great efforts.Then he would appreciate more his beloved.And she, in turn, will be more to love him for deeds committed for her sake.

all actions usually takes place near the location of the bride.This may be her apartment, and any other place (restaurant, cafe, gazebo in the park or an apar

tment girlfriends).We can say that bride price - a kind of theatrical production, with the participation of all those present, including neighbors on the balcony and just passers-by.

most important task that all was fun, and the groom was in a good mood.Therefore, it is important to make such tasks for the groom and his entourage, with whom they would have coped easily!After all, no one has not pleased failure at his own wedding.

How bride price

In order to get an unusual bride price, you respected the bridesmaids need the original script.Again, looking at the resources of the ubiquitous Internet, you will find a variety of different scenarios.However, in practice, there is made the same competitions.Coaching and uninteresting!

In fact, using your ingenuity and imagination, you can come up with a scenario by considering the overall style of the wedding.For example, if your wedding is in a gangster style, and during the foreclosure can arrange gangster "showdown" (of course, without victims!).And if you choose a romantic style wedding, it is fine script "in search of treasure."


Somehow I had to go as a groomsman (I must say, "work" is not easy!), My childhood friend.As befits a best friend, I wanted it to be the most original bride price.Examining the eve of all possible options, I came across exactly this scenario "in search of treasure."It seemed to me the most interesting and unencumbered.Its essence lies in the fact that the groom give the appearance of a piece of card with which he can find the rest of the pieces and put them together to find out the whereabouts of his beloved.Well, who as a child played in "Treasure Island"!At the same time, the bride of course, must be not at home, otherwise it will be interesting (the groom knows where he lives favorite!).You can hide the bride from the neighbors, or even spend the whole event outdoors in the park and put the bride in a beautiful arbor, covered with white cloths.

In the first passage, the card can be specified the place where the groom and his entourage expect one of the bridesmaids, who can make a riddle or another job offer, after which the bride receives a clue where to look for the following passage.

desirable that all actions have been organized in a small area near the location of the bride.And if it is thus also be able to watch their favorite, the mood is definitely all great!

In this case, the main thing that "treasure hunters" have not lost track of time and missed to the registrar at the time of registration!