Games for a wedding - Fun to the fullest!

Wedding - is one of the most important events in the life of a young family!And, of course, you always want to make it was fun, relaxed and took great pleasure as newlyweds, and invited guests.Since ancient times, there is a great Slavic tradition to hold a variety of games and competitions at the wedding, involving the insane actions of all guests.

Games at the wedding can wear a different character: from the most innocent and funny, usually beginning in the evening and ending the contest with an erotic tinge closer to the night (often depends on the amount of alcohol consumed!).They are divided into several options:

- competition for young;

- competitions for witnesses;

- contests for parents;

- contests for the guests.

There is a huge variety of fun and creative tasks that can be carried out as a toaster or a leading wedding night and boyfriend to boyfriend or any guest.The main participants to perceive what is happening with humor and broke away on all cylinders!Always in any company is

a couple of people that can make the whole crowd on them and it is necessary to target some of the games at the wedding.

Games are played by young.

Souped husband and wife can offer such an exciting assignment - write a "welcoming speech" to the guests.At the same time they are offered a variety of words, for example, home, hand, desk, car, water, etc., that they should be included in the proposal.You can choose the word interesting.They take turns on one piece of paper written on the proposal, and when the words end with written is read aloud to the other sisters.It turns out fun!

will also be interesting to hold a competition between husband and wife on the ability to take care of the unborn child.You will need two dolls and clothes for them.Who was the first properly clothe doll, he won.It is surprising, but usually, it is a woman!

You can also find out who is the first born in a young family, with games at the wedding.Young brought an opaque bag, which are toys for boys and girls.Chew toys are pulled out of the first, he is born.

games, which are played by parents.

you need to be very careful in choosing a job, as parents may respond differently to them.

most kind and fun contests for parents is "out-law" or "out-law" when parents have to guess the voice which voice belongs to their new baby.

beautiful contest, which will not leave anyone indifferent, also dance with their parents.Mother-in-law is dancing with his son and daughter-in-law with.And the music can be changed during the dance.If you make a good selection of music, the competition will turn into a fun fun.

games are played away.

Contests and games for the wedding and bring more to fill up the budget for the development of a young family.This can actively help the invited guests.Besides, it's fun, and no one doubts that it is voluntary.

wonderful lesson for guests - auction, which can be set as different lots of small things newlyweds (of course, with their consent!), Or any other trinkets as souvenirs from the wedding.

improve the financial situation will help the newlyweds and a competition with a choice of the sex of the child.To do this, take the sliders, their two tie ribbons (red and blue), guests respectively to put money on the boy or girl.

When guests are pretty drink and relax, as well as get acquainted with each other, the possibility of a fun game at the wedding as a "fairy tale."It will involve many of the guests, each is assigned a certain character in a fairy tale, and it should play a role in accordance with the nature of his character.Tale tells the presenter, and the characters show it with gestures and actions.This can lead funny comment on the actions of heroes.Of course, the text of a fairy tale, as well as costumes invented in advance.