Invitation to the wedding with his own hands: True attention to each guest

today demanding customers at times exceeds the imagination of manufacturers.And if ten years ago, no one in doubt that invite guests to the wedding should be using store-bought cards, today this fact is a big question.After all, you can order the original postcard from the designer or the folk artist who fashioned a unique masterpiece in accordance with all your wishes.

However, there are even more daring option.Create invitation to the wedding with his hands.In this case, certainly no problem with the fact that something went wrong, as requested.After all, such an approach, all creative freedom in the hands of the bride and groom who are inviting decorate their own photos and everything else that is their personal "belongings" in the spiritual and material terms.

If you are original, but the lazy

Try this.Get ready invitation in the store and then decorate them with original features so that they acquired individuality.Believe me, this variant approach is quite capable of impressing at a cer

tain percentage of the embedded fantasy and soul.We get not shop, and invitations to the wedding with his hands.But here, of course, have to try to base template are not outweighed extravagant accessories.

If you are burning desire to create a 100% copyright invitation

This, of course, require more time, but also ensures that the invitation will be unique and unique.Most likely, the guests will leave them in the memory of your wedding and will even be stored for years.It's worth it to pay to create postcards for several hours.Especially such pleasant and rich creativity.

brother for the manufacture of home-made invitations can be not only a designer by vocation.Do not hesitate, it is available to everyone.The main thing - the desire, time and patience.The rest will help professional advice.

Because the main thing in the invitation - it is a unique and original, and the indisputable templates to make them simply should not exist.Copy someone else's ideas completely not worth it.But to learn and borrow the best - always.Wedding invitations with your own hands, you can "write" on the basis of samples of the same store cards or just with paintings, photographs and collages impressed you.

Invitation own hands : highlights

assess their capabilities and performance patience.Do not handle the very complex options, which you may not have enough power.The concept is simple, so do not chase countless "twists".

Classics of the genre - invitation envelope

good solution - it open using the cover design and the text.Text can be printed on tracing paper and put in the middle, but also decorate the inside of the pattern or applique.

most passing and fairly easy voplotimy decorating option is as follows.Cut scalloped scissors square or rectangle of paper texture, tighten lace with pre-sewn beads.Along the edges can be pasted rosettes or ribbons to decorate.

desirable that the background color and decorative square differed in tone or contrast.However, expose the entire card in soft tones.Wedding traditionally require bright colors.Although if you dress completely unconventional color, then you can create greeting cards in a completely free style.Thank God, today we are far removed from the stereotypes.

Form cards do not necessarily rectangular.This can be a heart shape, triangle, hexagon, abstract figure - in general, which will require the soul.

original invitation to the wedding in the form of scrolls

It is also quite feasible option for beginners in the hand-made.

In this case it is necessary to dream of what to do print, but it is not a particular problem.There are familiar and simple hearted people who work at the post office, which may well share a piece of wax.However, you can print and replaced by overtighten scroll satin ribbon.

pictures to decorate the scrolls, you can create your own in Photoshop with the help of templates.You can process a joint photo of the newlyweds, "has fitted" to it interesting framed.

can decorate the scroll and applique from this, he will benefit.As a complement perfectly suited sequins, ribbons and even fur.

Do not forget about the content

The cards are not as important as the design is text.He, too, must be original.Find something on the Internet is difficult.So think of the drafting of the text themselves or have family members to help poets.Sincere personal words will never replace the empty beautiful, but templates.

Well, if something did not work, you still do not get discouraged.To help will always come-store cards.However, everything will be in order, the main thing is not to doubt the success - and the invitation to the wedding with his own hands will be appreciated by your guests appreciated.