How beautiful tie tippet?

Perhaps a rare woman does not know today what stole.The subject of women's wardrobe is already firmly entrenched in fashion.The variety of colors, designs and materials that make them unique scarves, you can wear them as a warm and in the cold season.To always look stylish, you need to know how to tie a beautiful stole.

Beautiful article of clothing, elegantly tied around his neck, will add femininity all the fairer sex.Below, we will discuss how to tie a stole around his neck?There are many options.

can make a complex knot that resembles a woven basket made of birch bark.This option is ideal for plain scarves without bulky ornaments and bulk flowers.It looks great on the wraps, which are made of cashmere or wool quality.Jacquard weave and complex site also wonderful combination.In addition, surround stole, tied in such a way, perfectly protect your neck from the cold and wind.

not forget that before you tie the tippet, you need to iron it well.Next, we add long scarf along.The result is a long st

rip.Then stole should be folded in half and place the fold spread.By placing him on their shoulders, make sure that the loop was strictly in the middle of the neck in front.The ends of the cape better not to twist and accurately enough to put them on his shoulders and left carelessly hanging.At one end of the material to be flat on the other.

The loop which is formed, is necessary to pass a hand from the bottom up.Then grab the end of the tippet, which is on top and bring it through the hole in the fabric.Then thread the hand is already a top-down and grab the next end.And Node dropdown free cloth around the neck better put, so that was not noticeable principle of weaving.This is such an easy and elegant way how to tie a beautiful stole.

You can experiment with a brooch, which echoes the motifs and colors of fabric.If it hold together the two halves of the tippet, it will add to your image of rigor and conservatism.Stylish option - to fix the brooch on the shoulder.

With cloth can experiment.How beautiful stole tie at the waist?You just roll it several times, to circle around the body and fasten the narrow strap.Ideal for an evening bright and stylish image.

and can not tie wraps, but just to throw it on his shoulders.If the color is well matched to the rest of the ladies' room, then this easy by way of a woman only add unique charm.

also stole quite suitable as a headdress.In the cold, he defended his ears in the heat will help to avoid sunstroke.How beautiful tie tippet on her head?One of the easiest options is called the "Charleston."We need to throw the tissue in the head so that the rear left any loose ends, then stole steal, twist the ends into a strong bundle tie on the back of his head and let go.