Choosing the right swimsuit gym

Swimsuit - an attribute not only to the modern beachwear.This must-have accessory for the sport.Gymnastics, dance, swimming - here you just need a swimsuit.However, it is also necessary to be able to choose.After selection of items offered is huge, but the quality is not always the appropriate requirements.

Gymnastic Leotard has a solid (fusion) cut.Models straps are usually used for navigation.But options with long and short sleeves are perfect for yoga classes, sports or artistic gymnastics, dance.This swimsuit provides excellent flexibility of the body and keeps the graceful movements.Wear it on a naked body or combine with leggings, leggings, shorts and skirts.However, the latter option is, and conjoint.Gymnastic leotard with a skirt is very popular among girls.

Colours can be any.Do not be afraid to combine eye-catching color.In addition, this swimsuit is often decorated with sequins, special large sequins, rhinestones and other decorative elements.This adds brightness and dynamic movements.

In addition, many of the girls are very fond of sports because of the beautiful and unusual swimsuit.The preferences remain bright colors and dark-colored and fading.

This thing is sure to be comfortable.Gymnastic Leotard has flat seams that can not be felt on the skin.Many firms sew this accessory from a single piece of cloth to a person in the classroom does not detract from the movement.

Sports gymnastic leotard designed for action.So be sure to pay attention to the tissue from which it is made.In addition to convenience, it should be remembered that a swimsuit should be sewn from high-tech materials.They reduce friction, which contributes to excellent slip into the water and freedom of movement.A great option - special Teflon thread.In addition they provide a compression effect on the muscles and tissue.

Avoid models with thin straps and strings.They will invariably cause discomfort.This swimsuit gym is not intended for active sports.The movement will be thin straps to cut into the body and not to create a better visual effect.In addition, there is always the risk of a sudden weakening of the node at the most inopportune moment.

The correct swimsuit and draws visually slim figure, which serves as an additional incentive for active sports.Do not buy a thing for the size larger or smaller.In the first case leotard gymnastic meet folds.In the second - too would chip shape.

This swimsuit can not be washed in the machine.It's easy to damage the structure of its material.This is especially true of automatic spinning at high speeds.If the swimsuit is used in chlorinated pool water, then the thing you need as soon as possible, rinse under running water.Chemicals harm the fabric.Do not store wet swimsuit.Otherwise, it can get very unpleasant smell.Also spoils its shape.