Fashion idea: what to wear with a coat?

Coats - a universal thing for both women and men, which never goes out of fashion.Its history dates back to ancient times, preferred to wear clothes like kings and peasants, soldiers and generals, peasants and landowners.

This outerwear is able to emphasize individuality and style, and add to the image of elegance and elegance.However, the coat is not possible to combine with all the garments.From what to wear a coat?

Women coat

short coat will look very elegant with a pencil skirt, long skirt and dresses with high waist.If you prefer a sporty style, you can combine the coat with skinny jeans.

If you choose a classic model, to the selection of other items of clothing must be approached more cautiously.From what to wear coat, made in the classical style?To this outerwear will trousers, blouses, dresses, hats, stoles, sweaters, etc.In any case, this severity of outerwear always depends on its length.Long models give the image of a particular severity.Under them you can wear any clothes, in princ

iple, as it will not be visible.Moveton in this case will only be flared jeans.

If we talk about the color, of course, the most popular is black.This versatile color and is suitable for other items of clothing in different colors.But it's so boring.Create a very elegant way to help gray.From what to wear gray coat?The most ideal option would be white.For example, you can wear a white scarf knitted or coarse white gloves.Intervention whites are always young and refreshing.To gray tones and black suit thing, but this combination will look more casually.

gray perfectly match different contrasting shades: burgundy, terracotta, brick, indigo, cherry, aquamarine and others.Girls who prefer to stand out from the crowd, can be worn with a gray coat red boots and a red scarf.

In cold weather, so I want to wear something comfortable.And what could be more comfortable than the coat color of hot chocolate?From what to wear brown coat?Brown - the color is quite pretentious, but the right approach, you can create a very stylish ensemble.Trousers mustard or cherry color, black or red boots, beige, burgundy or gray dress - that's the best allies of chocolate coat shades.

Men coat

look stylish and elegant strive not only women but also men.More and more representatives of a strong half prefer coat.From what to wear coat for men?There are plenty of options.What is most striking accent hat, sunglasses or directly coat, take your pick.The main thing - that it was not boring and dull.Accessories do not have to be identical in color.But at the same time still try to choose similar texture and color.

Coat does have many advantages over other types of clothing.From what to wear coat, you know.It remains only to buy new fashionable coat or get it from an old wardrobe and create a unique image.