"True Cover": reviews of cream

Teleshopping long and firmly settled on the various TV channels.Products that are offered in it, apparently, are in demand.One of the latest innovations, rather actively advertised in between films and programs - "True Cover".Foundation with the same name, produced in the United States, is positioned as the ideal tool for masking any imperfections of the skin, on the face and other parts of the body.Commercials beautifully demonstrates the effect of which allegedly can be achieved by using it.This cream is claimed heroes video, is able to completely disguise pigmentation and birthmarks, scars, acne, circles, and even tattoos.In the eyes of the amazed public, view videos, an elderly lady is not something with a strong rosacea, not a birthmark on his cheek, confident smears his face this tool.The result seems to be quite impressive - a defect is quite unknown, but the woman seemed ten years younger.Is "True Cover" is really capable of it?In addition, he is good and what is not spoiled, is held all day an

d waterproof.Is not this a dream?In addition, complete with two-tone cream are powder and cleansing lotion.But this is not all advantages.According to the advertisement, you can buy two different tones of cream and mix them up, achieving the desired shade.

Is it really corresponds to the claimed properties as a unique "True Cover" reviews show.You can look for them on their own and can just finish reading the article until the end, because the author, before writing it has familiarized itself with the views of consumers, and is now pleased to share them with you.We can say that the "True Cover" responses were divided, with negative turned more positive as well - too enthusiastic.To determine which of these positive responses, and some bought, is not easy.But those who are not overjoyed at their acquisition, assure that the cream is really good mask and holding a day.And he supposedly made of water-based rather than oil, and it is counted as a big plus.

Perhaps it all depends on the skin, and "Tru Cover", which reviews so contradictory, can someone come and some do not.As for the negative reviews, they are greater than about three times, and all of these women say that just wasted your money, because the cream is not cheap (around 50 euros).The stated properties it does not have and did not mask.In addition, the girl noticed that he did not water resistant and easy to wash.On the dirty clothes he no worse than usual foundation.According to its consistency it is very tight.Some have even compared it with the cast makeup.The skin cream is very strongly felt.Some even said that it smeared tonalnika - is like to stick to the face plasticine.That is, the mask effect is present, although according to the advertisement, it should not be.

acquire or not the cream "Trou Cover", which reviews most of them not very partiality, to you.But many women who have tested this tool on myself have noticed that it is better to buy a decent BB cream, which is fully consistent with the declared properties and is much cheaper.