Tone Cream "Ballet": more pluses than minuses

Every woman enjoys when applying makeup foundation.It helps to hide such things as skin roughness, teenage acne, under eye circles, scars.When it comes to choosing the right makeup base, most women find that you need to buy expensive creams, ignoring those that are cheaper and does not yield the brand.So let's look at foundation "Ballet" with all its pluses and minuses.


Country of origin - Russia, the factory "Freedom" (Moscow).Cream Available in two forms: "Ballet 2000" and lecithin.The tube is made of aluminum foil.

Tone Cream "Ballet 2000" has three kinds of tone:

• 01 - natural;

• 02 - Peach;

• 03 - light beige.

Cream with lecithin produced in a natural tone.

What is your skin type?

In order to choose the right foundation makeup, you need to know your skin type.


Consider your face, if you notice a shine, then you have oily skin, and it is better to use the basics of matting properties, which has a foundation "Ballet 2000".


If there is a place and a feeling

of tightness peeling, most of all, you are the owner of dry skin, and you will approach the cream with lecithin.What is lecithin?This wax of animal origin, taken during the digestion of sheep wool.It is added not only to various creams and masks for the hair, a lip gloss and other cosmetic products.It has a soothing property.


determined by the region T: it is often prone to fat, and the rest of the face area is dry.This type of skin before applying foundation "Ballet" moisten face any day cream.


Owners normal skin type can be selected for any type base.

What is the color of your skin?

When choosing a shade basics necessary to consider the color of a person to his skin did not differ from the neck and neck, or makeup will look unnatural.You always have to choose when buying a cream tone that would best suit your own skin color.

What is the budget?

If you are low on finances, the foundation "Ballet" will certainly suit you.It has a low price and high quality.The cost of some creams can reach dizzying numbers: over 2000 rubles.So it is always worth a try before you buy, or to know the opinion of those who have already tried the cosmetic product.

What is foundation "Ballet"?

Customer reviews mostly good.Consistency is not liquid and not dense, easy shaded fingers.Pores are not scored, but hide imperfections.There is a matte effect.Resistant to the end of the day does not swim, does not stain clothes, trace on the phone screen leaves.Quickly adapts to the tone of the skin and causes no feeling of tightness.The disadvantage is pronounced odor of lecithin, which after a short amount of time disappears.And, perhaps, another drawback - the tuba, which breaks down after a while.

good basis for forming "canvas" on your face for the future make-up.And if you choose a concealer "Ballet", you will get a quality product at the lowest price.