Cellars of nature in the service of man.

Essential oils - an invaluable gift of nature people.Learning how to extract them from the heart of plants, people got a unique tool for healing and rejuvenation of the organism, preserving the beauty, vitality and good mood.Aromatherapy, cosmetics, medicine used oil to make full, and in the household, they are far from superfluous.It is worth adding that the mining and production of a natural product - it is quite expensive.After all, to produce just one treasured droplets of butter goes up to 3 kg and more natural resources.Therefore there is a small 10-milliliter bottle very much.However, like all natural!

Meet, Pimenta racemosa

Yes, this is the scientific name of the plant itself, from which the Bay - an essential oil, helps us in many situations.As raw material for its production is a laurel tree that grows in West Indian geographical sector.It refers to the family of myrtle and has a very pleasant fresh, spicy scent with a light soft acidity.According to the description of Eastern heal

ers (because aromatherapy became practiced primarily in the ancient cultures of the East and Asia), the smell of the plants, and to an even greater extent and the very fragrant Bay (essential oil) helps focus, enhances mental clarity and sharpness of thought.Charges positive emotions and frees the mind from the oppressive fear, helps to cope with stress.Because inhale fluids oil was considered very useful, especially for people engaged in intellectual work, as well as in moments of great excitement, shock, or persons with a weak, unstable mentality.Currently, the scope of its use has grown significantly.

pharmacological parameters of the drug

Bay (essential oil) is pronounced antispasmodic with painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties.As an effective aromatics it is very good for such diseases as vascular dystonia.If you have problems with the musculoskeletal system massage with a few drops of causing blood flow to muscle tissue and fibers that warms the muscles, prevents the formation of spasms.Athletes also especially before workouts rubbed essential oil Bay in the most loads and involved parts of the body (shoulders, elbows and knees, etc.), to increase their elasticity, protect yourself from sprains and strains.Being a strong natural anti-depressant, Bay Show as a therapeutic drug (aromatherapy) in such mental and psychomotor ailments as tremors, sweating, stuttering, tick.In addition, the essential oil of bay (price of it quite acceptable) found an excellent lifeguard at physical and psychological pereutomlyaemosti.It relieves symptoms of fear and hysteria, normalizes psychological processes on an emotional level.And if you have overcome the flu, sore throat, colds and other upper respiratory diseases, inhalation will help you out in the very near future.

professional and home cosmetics

remains to add that Bay (essential oil) found active use in cosmetics and cosmetic industries.It is part of masks and medical means of weakening and loss of hair.On the basis of making preparations to rejuvenate, moisturize and nourish the skin of the face and body.


So, if you got a special aerolampoy, you have enough room to 6 drops of medium size.For the bath, drip 8-9 drops of warm water.For inhalation use from 1 to 3 drops.If you are using Bay as one of the components that will be enough just a pair of droplets.Keep a bottle with means can indefinitely, as long as it has been completely sealed and stood in a dark place.Good manifests itself with lavender, lemongrass, myrtle, eucalyptus, juniper and others.