Product Series "Pantin" - "Hydration and Recovery": reviews of women and the principle of operation

Pantene Pro-V - one of the most well-known and selling brands of cosmetics for hair care.The history of the brand began in Switzerland with the opening of panthenol or, as it is called, provitamin B5 - indispensable tools, cures skin burns.It has been proven that this unique ingredient moisturizes the hair, making them healthy and well-groomed.Initially shampoo with panthenol produced by the Swiss company Hoffman-LaRochhe and sold in glass cones.They have an exquisite flavor.Over the years these tools for hair care have changed, but still the main ingredient in grooming them - panthenol.Hence the name of the brand - Pantene Pro-V.Today, the company «Procter & amp;Gamble », which owns the trademark" Pantin ", offers a wide range of tools to assist in feeding and recovery of our hair.In this article I want to talk about the line "Pantin" - "Hydration and Recovery" - Review that does not slow to appear.

product line "Pantin»

In this line of tools includes: shampoo, conditioner, rinse, face mask and h

air souffle.Means for care of hair "Pantin" - "Hydration and Recovery" - reviews that are mostly positive, wrap each hair with a protective film, protecting it from the harmful effects of the environment.

How does the shampoo

Shampoo "Pantin" - "Hydration and Recovery" - is designed primarily for dry hair.After all, this hair is so necessary hydration.On the surface of the hair tool creates a protective lipid film that protects the hair during blow-drying, and during intense solar radiation, and during extreme temperatures.

operating principle of balm-rinse

Balm conditioner "Pantin" "Moisturize and reconstruction", reviews of which testify to its high efficiency, contains amino acids that are so essential to our hair, as well as fatty alcohols and active cationicsubstances which penetrate deep into the hair, saturating it inside nutrients.Also, the balsam include silicates, which are similar in composition to our natural lipids.They encapsulate the hair, creating a protective film thereon.

effect of using hair masks

Hair Mask "Pantin", "Humidification", reviews of the women who talked about its high efficiency, is fast.Time of its impact - 2 minutes.It complements this range of plant and equipment for hair care.The content of active substances in it several times higher than in the shampoo and balsam.Therefore, it is sufficient to use 2 times a week.

How to use souffle hair

New - souffle hair "Pantin" "Hydration and Recovery" - Review which also already appeared, has a gentle light texture and delicate elegant flavor.All this makes the use of funds as never pleasant.Souffle does not require rinsing, apply 1 time a day to give hair shine and protection from adverse environmental factors.

Thus, we focused on the means of hair care products from the brand new series "Pantin".Use these tools at home, and your hair will become smooth, obedient and shiny as silk.