A good tanning: reviews and tips

Summer - a great time for sunbathing.But what to do when autumn begins, and swarthy tanned body is no longer so easy to get?Solarium for many is absolutely contraindicated for many reasons.Therefore, if you want to please yourself swarthy body all year round, it is best to buy good tanning.Reviews of any such product is better to look ahead before buying, because applying it - it laborious.Many women believe that any tan is applied unevenly and remains on the body stains.However, it is not.The main thing is to choose the best tan that would fit you.

Tips for Choosing tanning

In this case, it is important to build on the style and color of your skin.In addition, it is important to understand what exactly the effect you want to achieve.If you are blonde and have a fair skin and light eyes, you will need the appropriate type of milk.In no case can not use tanning triple action because you'll look absolutely ridiculous.Moisturizing Lotion "Shiseido" - a pretty good tan.Reviews of it positive and say t

hat it's all the same vehicle with tinted effect than tanning.That is what you need and if you have light skin type and constantly burns in the sun.In addition to giving a light tint to your skin, it is also perfectly moisturizes it.If you have blond or brown hair, green or gray eyes, you can try tools from the company "clinic", it offers a pretty good tan, reviews of which nearly always positive.If you often spend time in the sun and your skin is dark by nature and you want to keep it in that condition throughout the year, you can use the tanning by "Klerins."There is one trick that can be done when choosing a bronzer.To check if it fits you and what you are going to buy a really good tan, reviews advised to first apply a small amount on hand.As a result, you will be able to determine how the shade of yours, if you like the texture and smell of the purchased product.

best tanning

There are both tanning and a variety of moisturizers, which gradually give your skin smooth and soft color, which you can then rinse.Very good tan "Yves Rocher".It has several shades and is available as a moisturizer with the effect of sunburn.It smells nice and it is quite evenly applied by dark colors.Also good tanning from "Garnier", "L'Oreal" and "Nivea".However, in any ointment is a fly in the ointment.Many women have experienced the bitterness of frustration when trying to find a good tan.Reviews in this case play an important role.Among creams, which "will give" you a yellow tinge, divorce or just an unpleasant smell, you can select "Johnson", "Evelyn" and "San Ozone".Many of them just do not like you, but not yet washed clean for a long time.In addition, even the best self-tanning if improperly applied can cause emotions are not rosy.Therefore, before beginning the procedure always clean body scrub, and the cream is applied little by little, wiping evenly throughout the body.Do not immediately try to use the whole tube.Only the correct application of this cream will help you find the perfect tan and beautiful regardless of the season.