Cosmetics "Floresan": consumer reviews

"Floresan" - a cosmetic company, which has recently appeared on the Russian market, but it has already won the hearts of fans.It is engaged in the production of means for body care, skin and hair.Cosmetics this company is unique.Production has a full cycle: from the appearance of ideas from the company's specialists to develop new products and to the realization of their consumers.

modern approach, which starts in our own laboratory and ends on store shelves, giving consistent results and have allowed to win the trust of compatriots using products "Floresan."Feedback from those who use this cosmetic products, say that it has a wide range of high quality at a fairly low cost.

company constantly pleases its users with new facilities.Its range today includes about 300 names.The advantage of "Floresan" is a relatively small price, which allows any Russian woman to acquire the means for skin care and maintenance of the figures produced by this national brand.

over the product development company empl

oys biologists, chemists, cosmetologists, and other professionals, from engineers to managers.The entire range meets European norms and standards.Efficacy, safety, beautiful modern type of packaging - all cosmetics "Floresan."Reviews suggest that the products of this company is in the cosmetic market in Russia a worthy competitor.These funds are not only the women of our country, but also in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the Baltic States.

The company's products have a number of advantages, they say consumers who have used the cosmetics "Floresan."Reviews mostly positive, they indicated a general impression of cosmetics:

  • high quality products made from natural ingredients that are tested in the laboratory;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • pleasant consistency;
  • wide range, which allows the individual to choose cosmetics for all skin types;
  • convenient packaging;
  • efficiency;
  • democratic price.

Means for rejuvenation of the face with the effect of Botox - the latest products "Floresan."Reviews women - only positive: the facial skin becomes radiant and healthy-looking, wrinkles become less visible.

already beloved among the company's products - tanning.They unconditional hits of spring-summer-autumn.Due to the very aggressive sun, many are afraid to expose his body exposed to the scorching rays, and untanned skin problem solve with the help of tanning "Floresan."Comments about this production is small but praise.

Let's look at the effect of this agent on the example of a particular product.Milk "Express self-tanning Floresan."Reviews say that it is easy to milk, is not very strong, but the characteristic smell of the product.It is absorbed very quickly.The smell is felt as long as the body is not omoesh water.The application to obtain a uniform color natural tan, which has yellow and divorces.According users, it has earned the highest score.The downside can be considered very liquid consistency, which is leaking from the tube.