Hair Loss Remedies "Expert Hair ': reviews of women and the principle of operation

your hair dull and lost volume?They are cut and fall?You look terrified tool that will help restore the health of your hair?Of course, in our time, there are many different cosmetic products, which are able to overcome these problems.But as a rule, they are outside and your hair needs help from the inside.The best solution in this situation - to undergo treatment with vitamins and minerals.But how do you know what vitamins needed by your tresses, and how well nutrients are absorbed by your body?The output in this case is!This means the use of a new series of "Evalar" called "Expert Hair."Reviews of this product have already appeared.Grateful women express their appreciation to the company.

little about "Evalar»

quality products "Evalar" can be trusted, because this company has been on the market since 1991.Currently, it is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia.Priority activity of the company - is the release of dietary supplements and medicines of natural origin.Products "Evalar"

constantly updated with new species.For example, new products - pills and a lotion "Expert Hair", reviews of which have captivated all kinds of sources of information were recognized in many women.It should also be noted that all the natural ingredients needed for production of the company, are grown and carefully checked its same, so the question of the origin of raw materials for production of drugs can be put aside.

tablets new series

recently appeared in pharmacies pill for hair loss from "Evalar" - "Expert Hair."Reviews for this facility is mainly positive.Action tablets due to their member substances: vitamins, amino acids and various enzymes, horsetail herb, enhanced cystine, taurine and zinc.I will focus in detail on each component:

  • horsetail is a source of silicon is used for the formation of new collagen cells;
  • amino acids cystine and taurine prevent hair loss, making them flexible and elastic;
  • zinc is necessary for the rapid growth of new hairs.

Take the pill should be twice a day, one at a time before the meal.Course duration - 3 months.

Lotion «Expert Hair»

order for your hair stopped falling out, and the growth of new hairs repeated efforts, it is recommended to use together with pills lotion "Expert Hair."Reviews women about it in the most part positive.It comprises the same components as in the tablets.If the tablet heals your locks from the inside, the lotion makes them healthy and strong on the outside.He applied to the scalp.This dramatically reduces hair loss and stimulates the formation of new hair follicles, increasing the amount of hair and improves its appearance.Time applying lotion should be at least 2 months.

We got acquainted with the new products from the company "Evalar" - "Expert Hair."Reviews of women already tested these agents against hair loss, celebrate their high efficiency.What is particularly pleasing in this well-known company - all products of natural origin.These hair products help to make them not only beautiful, but also healthy.