Products "Garnier": suntan oil of the highest quality

today, to how to get a tan, it is not necessary to wait for the summer to go to the Mediterranean coast or on a tropical resort.Nowadays, you can sunbathe and the New Year, because you can always go to the solarium, which is now in every self-respecting SPA-center.

To achieve the desired effect and protect your skin from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation is necessary to take a number of measures, one of which is the use of various special funds for tanning.Currently Cosmetics Sun presented all sorts of creams, gels, oils and other things.One of the most effective among such funds is a product of "Garnier" - suntan oil.Using it in the sunroom, and on the beach allows you to enjoy a healthy tan and protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

buy products "Garnier" (suntan oil in particular) can be in a specialty store, which presents and other means that will get the most pleasant and useful by staying in the sun or in the solarium of the procedure.They include

a variety of sunblock and sunburn, with different levels of filtering sunlight depending on the type and condition of your skin.Goods "Garnier" (suntan oil and other beach cosmetics) allow to acquire an attractive appearance and avoid such trouble, as sunburn.Also, when using this oil eliminates the need to eliminate the consequences of excessive exposure to the sun, instead of enjoying your vacation at sea.

However, you can get burned and on the river bank in Moscow, if long, "roast" in the sun on a hot afternoon.To avoid this, it should be mandatory to use special means of tanning.It should be noted that cosmetic products "Garnier" suntan oil in particular are available in different versions, and for dark skin need to buy their oil, and for the light - the.Therefore, before you buy something or other means, it should be read carefully in order for any skin type it is intended.Only in this way you will be able to use all the features of a cream, gel or oil for the benefit of themselves and especially their skin.

As a result, and with the resort, and you come back from the solarium with a smooth beautiful tan, but not with burnt skin in the ugly red spots.Of course, in addition to using a variety of cosmetic products, you must comply with the rules tanning.It is not necessary to visit on the beach during the hours of highest solar activity, from eleven to sixteen hours.Sunbathing better in motion, and so on the beach could and should play outdoor games like volleyball.And after the release of the water must be wiped dry skin to tiny lens formed from droplets of water, the sun's rays are not focused on specific areas of the skin, causing the appearance of redness and painful burns.As for the solarium, the main thing here - to choose the mode and time of sunburn.