Network Products Organic Shops: consumer reviews

manufacturers of natural cosmetics Organic Shop offer consumers only organic natural cosmetics as they themselves claim.It does not contain GMO, parabens and silicones, synthetic flavors, dyes and preservatives.Consultants chain stores Organic Shops, reviews of products which are very controversial, are trained.
They must take exams and be evaluated before you start work.Experts Organic Shop should all know about organic cosmetics and help customers choose the product that they really need.In stores you can find cosmetics for skin care and hair care for everyone.

Shampoo Organic Shop

Hair products one chooses, based on the needs of your hair.Like any other manufacturer, a wide assortment of hair care products also have Organic Shops.Reviews of this brand different shampoos.Some buyers are satisfied with their hair after application: hair volume or purchased the smoothness stopped falling, means perfectly cleans and has a pleasant smell, well after washing comb the curls.On the other consumers of the

brand shampoos are not impressed, despite the organic and natural products.Dried hair, steel pushitsya, giving the image of a slovenly appearance.Many do not like the awkward packaging shampoo and confused by the price, which is low enough to quality media.According to buyers, research and development based on natural ingredients that are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and GMO may not be as cheap as the food store chain "Organic Shop".

Oil Organic Shop

oils in the range of chain stores enough: for the body, hair, face, cream butter for hands and nails, foaming oil for the soul.The names of each means talking about the key components."White tea", "white chocolate", "Citrus fresh", "Crème brûlée", jojoba oil, avocado, grapeseed, macadamia nuts - all present on the shelves Organic Shops.Comments about these tools is also quite different.Some consumers are delighted with the effect after using the products they like the smell, which remains on the body, as well as a sense of softness and moisture;excellent condition of the hair (dry and split ends is gone);small wrinkles disappear.Others doubt the genuineness of the product and the absence of chemicals in the composition of the smell of money.Indicate that grape seed oil, for example, very much "grape smells", and it indicates the presence of preservatives and flavorings.Other means, on the contrary, they say that they have unpleasant zapahm that is not conducive to use of the product.

What conclusions can we draw?

Products Organic Shops, reviews of which are different, not everyone likes.But this is natural, because, as the proverb, "the taste and color of comrades there."Modern cosmetics market full of products of different companies that are trying to please their customers.Therefore, for each there is a cream, shampoo, oil and so on.