Sunscreens - mixed reviews

Already everyone knows that the sun not only gives life to all living creatures, but also kills.This is the case when "all is well that measure."Sunscreens, reviews which are often greatly exaggerated, can not be one hundred percent protection from harmful sun rays.Long in the sun, especially under the direct rays of the star, it is harmful, regardless of whether you use a sunscreen makeup or not.And if you are for a two-week vacation anywhere in the Mediterranean, from morning to night will be on the beach in a bathing suit under open sky, constantly using sunscreens, reviews of which the most positive, you bring your skin damage, even more than if youthey are not used!The fact is that without defending cosmetics from the sun, you will not be able to enjoy its rays for a long time - sooner or later, but "got burned" like.

Blushing and roasted through, our skin indicates that it will be enough of the sun, and we dress, hiding under a canopy or in general, leaving the beach.A sunscreen reviews which do

not arouse suspicion, allow our skin in the sun as long as you want, thereby subjecting it to a very severe test.This means that it is not necessary to use sunscreen cosmetics?No.You just need to use it wisely - on health and not to harm him.

First you need to understand that such cosmetics allows to stay in the sun longer, but, in any case, is not infinite!Sunbathe in the morning or evening, avoid bathing and "felting" on the beach in the afternoon.And only sunscreens reviews currently justify - will help keep you healthy and to get smooth and beautiful tan.Using sun protection from a tube, one must also remember the following:

- Escaping the city to walk in the heat, the open areas of the body, as well as a person worth to smear sunscreen or lotion.This will absolutely save yourself from redness, peeling nose and neckline.

- Recent research scientists have shown that up to 30 SPF protection is not effective even with very dark skin.It contributes to a more even tan, but does not protect against harmful rays.Therefore, buy index funds with more than 30 SPF.

- swimming in the sea or in any other body of water, periodically spray on the body, face and hair.Even the cosmetics, which is the inscription "waterproof" is washed away, nullifying all the protective effect.

- Sunscreens hair on holiday - a must if you want to return to everyday life with a beautiful hairdo.Panama protects your head from sunstroke, but not your hair from drying out, which leads to breakage and hair loss.

- For oily skin there are special sunscreens, which will save you from nasty yellow pimples and peeling, as a result of exposure to the sun.But even if it is not written on the tube "for problem skin" using any protective sunscreen, you have a better chance at a healthy-looking skin than without it.

And finally, no matter how expensive and advertised nor was sunscreen, its properties are completely lost after the expiry date.Make sure that your vehicle was fresh, do not abuse the sun and enjoy the beautiful and smooth, and most importantly, a healthy tan.