Hair Dye "Igor": a palette of colors and a unique composition tools

rare woman happy with her natural hair color.People began to color the hair for a long time.In ancient times, a certain hair color associated with power, presence of the special status of its owner.For example, in ancient Egypt, "in honor" were black and dark brown color - they were the privilege of the aristocracy.In ancient Greece, a particularly prized ash curls and golden hues.In order to dye the hair at the time used vegetable-based dyes: formulations based on cinnabar, lime, beech ash, talc, rice flour and so on.Now the ratio of the coloring of the hair has changed, and they now are mostly women.This procedure is for them - a way to look well-groomed and prolong their youth.Big changes undergone and hair dye.Now for these purposes are mainly used chemical dyes that reliably and accurately even paint over thick gray hair.In this article I want to tell you about one such means of beauty, which is very popular among the fair sex: hair dye "Igor."The color palette of this tool is very diverse.Every w

oman will find here the shade that is right for her.

What about the color palette?

Schwarzkopf company today released three series of paint "Igor."This royal series resonant and classical.Royal hair dye "Igor", a palette which includes 46 colors, represented mainly reddish and reddish hues.This is an excellent option for light, and light-brown hair beautiful women who want to make their tresses royally bright and luxurious.A series of "Resonance" has about 43 colors, from silver and gold to trendy red-purple and chocolate.Classic series consists of 66 different shades.

Hair Dye "Igor", which provides a palette of every woman to choose the right shade is constantly being improved and updated.Schwarzkopf company cares not only about the fact that you get the desired results when painting, but also about how to make your hair does not become brittle and fragile as a result of this procedure.

What is special about the "Igor"?

The structure of many hair dyes include such active substances such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, alkali.Painting "Igor," a color palette which is rich, is no exception in this regard.In other words, the process of dyeing it - a chemical reaction that leads to a complete change in the base color of the hair.But a part of this tool includes such unique components that set it apart from all other colors:

• Complex Color Crystal Complex, which consists of a special iridescent particles easily penetrate hair.The result - a perfect gray coverage - from 50 to 100%.

• Proteins plant Moringa Oleifera, which have a conditioning effect.They restore the hair structure by staining, making them soft and supple.


If you decide to use resistant paint 'Igora Royal', which is rich palette of colors, do not forget about safety precautions:

• carry out the procedure in a well ventilated area;

• use composition for application immediately after its preparation;

• adhere strictly to the application of paint, which is specified in the instructions.

Thus, we find out what is good hair dye, "Igor."The palette of colors it allows any woman to dramatically change your natural hair color.Caring components will make the process enjoyable and easy.