The device called "mezoroller."

very popular tool to solve many cosmetic problems today is mezoroller.Reviews cosmetologists say that the procedure using this device restore skin tone and relieve it of imperfections.Mezoroller is a small cushion with microneedles.With him make a body massage and facial.From the impact of microneedles improves blood circulation, cells begin to actively produce collagen.In some cases, help mezoroller?From stretch marks and cellulite, age spots, residual effects after the rash and acne, wrinkles, and with a view to prevention, to tighten facial contours using a roller with microneedles.However, this procedure will only skin without major age-related changes, age spots and the last stage of cellulite.The length of the needle depends on the application roller.

Mezoroller, beauticians reviews which mostly positive, best used in conjunction with cosmetics.This cocktail, which include hyaluronic acid.Finer microneedles make punctures and sends impulses to the skin cells.This therapy promotes regeneration an

d deep penetration of the skin necessary substances.The alloys are used for the needle, are made primarily of medical steel and titanium.Keep in mind that the rollers are designed for a certain number of procedures, as the needle tupyatsya.There mezoroller (cosmetologists reviews confirm it) for home use and for professional use.Rollers with microneedles are designed for personal use, and require special handling after each procedure.One of the companies offering this cosmetic aid for use in the home is TianDe.The brand is registered in Ukraine, Russia and many CIS countries.Mezoroller "Tiande" earned good reviews.Shoppers are happy with the result: fine wrinkles disappear, pulled an oval face, the skin became rejuvenated and shining.Many consumers talk about getting rid of stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and breasts.They noticed that restore the elasticity of the skin, and its appearance is pleasing to the eye.

However, despite the many positive aspects, there are also negative.Mezoroller reviews beauticians collects less rosy.First, experts say that at home you can feel the long-term effect, if you do the procedure regularly and continuously.The result of the application will feel more youthful skin with the first signs of wilting.The length of the needle roller for self use shall not be more than 0.2 mm, and this suggests that the effect of pulses and cosmetics occurs only in the upper layers of the skin.Beauticians use mezorollery with deeper penetration, in order to achieve different results.Secondly, punctures from needle roller can injure the skin.If you do not use disinfectants, you can easily carry infection.