"Ambre L'Oreal" - hair dye

If you are always in a trend, watch for fashion trends, including what's new among the means at home coloring, then this article is just for you.Those who just want a little change his appearance, to give freshness of their appearance, playfulness and attractiveness - welcome - join us!Today on the agenda amazing "Ambre L'Oreal" - hair color, gives them a trendy this season, two-tone effect strands.So, everything about this amazing product.

"Ambre" - hair color which recommends a celebrity!

This coloring can be seen in many Hollywood stars.The most vivid and contrast "effect Ombre", when the ends of much lighter bulk of the hair, can be seen Jessica Alba (left).Look at her.Her hair seemed to glow from within, and the ends look like they kissed the sun!Wonderful, is not it?But Jessica Biel did not dare to such extravagant coloring.She lighten just a few strands.But it was she, perhaps, received the most natural way.For Salma Hayek, with her burning black hair stylist took very calm shade of milk cho

colate, so that the paint scent does not look too pretentious.So bravo, Salma!In fact, many Hollywood stars demonstrate "the effect Ombre 'on your hair this season - that Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman and Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Dunst and others.Now it is popular, fashionable and stylish.So if you're admiring the picture star, wanted to make a similar effect, the paint "Loreal Ambre" - this is what you need!Get ready for self-coloring of not leaving home.

"Ambre L'Oreal" - hair dye

In Russia, this product has only recently appeared on the market the goods, but at the start gained great popularity among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.That's because the "Ambre" - hair dye, which provides a very smooth transition from dark to light tips of the roots, making your hair much more visual volume.And note that with all this, you do not need to go to a beauty salon and spend lots of money on fashionable coloring.You will have to pay only the cost of the paint itself.Choose the desired shade you, too, will have no difficulty.Since the paint is "Loreal Ambre" is available in three different versions.Number 1 - shades from very light to very dark brown.If the tone of your hair got in this palette, you can use this option.Number 2 - from the gentle light to moderate light brown medium brown.If your hair is this color, then your second option.And number 4 - from the icy blonde to light brown.If your hair is blond or so, then stained the fourth set.Of course, the product has a defect.But it is only one - the complexity of the selection of the correct shade for the black and red hair.But here you can find a way out.To effect was exactly as you would expect - very carefully read the instructions and follow it religiously.Then you get a wonderful trendy shade.